Fine Art by Local Artists

Fine Art by Local Artists

With so many great galleries, studios and art emporiums, the perfect something for your wall can be found. The town has an all-inclusive focus on be creative. Not only in the shops will you see fine offerings, but displayed at various locations in public places. We came into town for the international chalk art festival at Truman Waterfront.

Go here if what you need is art. We like the local stuff that is fun. Real art takes a lot of work using original oils. We love to shop for different things that catch the eye.

What about a really nice Contemporary sculpture to fancy up your living room. I look for pieces that speak to your good taste. I have a budding maturity in the art world and most importantly this is the town to do.
Rosalind Y.

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We love to Shop

Find something that hits your heart. Do lots of browsing to find the best price and piece. You have the desire and it just takes some time to find it.

Ask about the coconut art at some of the stores in town, while supplies last. This year, the coolest way to invite your friends to rumtoberfest happens to grow on a palm tree. Nutty idea? For just five dollars, we'll send a real coconut, complete with a personalized message, to your friends across the us. Maybe some coconut art is zany, but that's the best part.

Filiberto E.

Black Pearl

826 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040-7406

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