Shops for the Ladies Wearables

Shops for the Ladies Wearables

I got some of the anklets are handcrafted from glass beads and ultra strong beading thread. Anklet jewelry is excellent for the island and can be worn in the pool or at The Beach. My other top pick for a Florida Keys Gift are the Coral necklaces handcrafted from glass beads. So pretty are the multi strand necklaces, with matching bracelets and earrings available.
Issac F.

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All about Adding Style

There is a good reason why those who dressed stylishly often have a really good life. When you dress sexy, you're going to live your life in a similar fashion. A really great Florida Keys style is seamless in between the bars and the water sports, so that means wet shoes. I've discovered that those who dress well in general each day, surround themselves with more style in your home. Looking good is a way of living well, of surrounding yourself with the things that will catch others peoples eye style in the clothing is just as important as the style of your home. Why not where nice things even when you're walking around your house. Ladies should look sexy in your bikini or their underwear, or fully dressed for a wonderful night out.

Darin W.

Yours and Mayan

2109 Harris Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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