You want to plan ahead and get tickets early for the events subject to availability

Eating with nice Views
We like the lack of riff-raff, it draws a really nice crowd of families with children. go

Everything is Built for Speed
This is a place for Dad and is better than the best of the Orlando theme park roller coasters. go

Where to find Disney Character Greetings
Put your best smile on, then the Disney Video and Photopass Employees can make you the star and provide you with a super footage of memorabilia. go

Restaurant Menu of Italy
Choose from three iconic italian cities for a mini retreat without the airline and hotel costs. go

Finding Some Fun on the Waterfront
Everybody loves a really good time on the little boats. go

Hollywood Orlando Theme Park
They were taping some of the tv shows here this weekend which made it kind of entertaining. go

Parents and Kids have Fun
There are thousands of square feet of inflatables, rides, shooting, sports, and arcade games. go

Now we do like Earl of Sandwich, this is now the second place winner! go


Planning for Disney

Fishing at the Disney Hotel
Walt Disney is designed with comfort in mind for both the parents and kids. go

Fantastic for All Ages
We say the Contemporary is worth the price. go

Daily Childrens Swimming Pool Events
Check the schedule each day as they mix in all sorts of fun events. go

Military Discounts in Orlando
The cafe has plenty on the menu and a full bar, plus the wing house is close. go

Love the Easy Monorail Travel Options
You will love the whole package of amenities. go

Daily adventure events is for kid smiles
Be advised that there are occasions when the buses fill up and you will be forced to wait for another one. go

Finding a Room
I love the entertainment here. go


Theme Park Action

Planning for Disney

For all those that have preschoolers, we would recommend both Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. Both of those places seem to do a really good job with the various Stage shows and have rides that cater more to the youth. Not everything is focused on the little kids, but a larger majority of the attractions. In my opinion I can't say enough Good Things about the Star Wars Stage Show. If you can get your child up on that stage it will be a memory forever. Whenever you can get your child involved in one of these theatrical performances, start snapping a lot of close-ups and different angles of the action so you will have Photography to cherish. Taking videos a lot tougher when you're at the theme parks when there's a lot of people in the way and then you have the wind noise often in the microphone. Photographs do plenty and are much easier to take.

Blake Z.