You are sure in for a big treat

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
I was amazed how nice it is inside the bay, even when the winds pick up in the afternoon. go

Learning to Paddleboard in the Florida Keys
Get cozy with the board and movement in the water, then put one foot down and step up. go

Popular Destination for Boaters
Find it at mile marker eighty two bar in the middle of Islamorada. go

Great area with plenty to do
Get that on the first day you arrive for happy hour specials, two-for-one sandwiches, and discounts on the dive trips. go

Go Here for Your Boat Fuel
What a super zone to do about anything possible around the water. go

Rent a Kayak in Islamorada
Each time I browse around the store more new things come out to make kayaks carry everything so perfectly. go

80-foot Wooden Pilot Schooner
QUESTION: This is going to be our first trip down and we want to go out on a boat. go

Bring your ice to take your catch
ANSWER: The answer is easy, as the big winner for a fun day is on the Atlantic Ocean is the Marathon Lady. go


Channel Markers

Dark Mysteries meet Haunted History
Here you are at the highest point on the island, named Solares Hill. go

Fine Stay in the Keys
That easy access is one of the reasons we always consider things in the upper keys. go

Families are Welcome
We liked the stay with large guestrooms outfitted with cable, wifi, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. go

A very Special Area
Couples would tend to like being near Duval and families might prefer a big swimming pool resort. go

Get to Know the Resort Tiki Bar
Life is sweet on the reefs! go

See the Boat Come in the Prior Day
Go on the right day and they rock! go

Toasted Chicken and Bacon Ranch Sub
Subway is huge in Florida and a winner for sure. go


Water Sports Options

Channel Markers

Impressive are the water sports options when you come down for your vacation. I would do a little planning ahead of time, and you want to check the weather carefully. We went out on the Queen Anne's Revenge and really loved it. It is one of the very best things to do in the Florida Keys, the queen anne's is a fun voyage fit for all ages. Just love to laugh and start off with a few cocktails at the tiki bar. Make the most of things, and be in the best mood. It is a great state park with Scenic Trails that are extraordinary. Explore around the grounds of the park to see all sorts of interesting waterfront views. It is huge and there are a big system of nature trails within the complex. If you never make it out to the reefs, at least take advantage of Dive In Kayaks. The little things are what makes the island so special. The best thing to do is going for a kayak paddle. There are a group of sensation spots that everyone needs to hit in the upper Florida Keys. We always do just about everything around the waterfront.

Jayne N.