What Could be better than free Hotel Transportation to the Theme Parks

Poolside Mango Madras Vodka Cocktails
There's nothing quite like getting a little alcohol buzz going to really fire things up a little bit. go

Orlando Vacations with Mickey Mouse
Having a Fort Taylor Park here at the resort might be asking for too much. go

Go with the Value Resorts
We want a really good work out hotel for personal fitness. go

Very Special places to stay in Orlando
See the restaurant designed as a boat building operation with a food court inside. go

Super Clean
I would recommend most people to stay in the moderate resorts if you can swing it on your Orlando vacation budget. go

Yacht Club Boat Marina
Go to the Boardwalk Entertainment area for the neat breakfast on the water or close by is Popeyes which is very good and reasonably priced. go

Overnight in Lake Buena Vista
So be sure to get the Today is My Birthday sticker they hand out. go

Hotel for Kids
Take your kids and family members on a magical ride, plus save money along the way! go


Hotel Checklist

Which Disney Hotel
After tennis, walk right across to the titillating swimming pool. go

Sports Events
They put on a good show and an event much different than the norm at Hollywood Studios. go

Orlando Art Festival
Easily one of the very best events of the year and something special not to miss. go

Postcard Machines
The postcard machines help you send a video message to a friend using various scenes of the country. go

Best Flavors
Get a pound of something and you will be happy for a long time. go

New Things to Do
Anything that has jolting action on the ride is my kind of fine. go

It was one of the better things we ever did. go

The Hotels

Driving home on a summer day is a good way to get a car clean! It started raining here at 1:15 and a hard Orlando rain. I hope you did not hit a dark cloud patch dropping rocket rain. A little rain would not hurt us at all during the stay here at the Epcot area, in the Boardwalk Inn hotel. This is a great area because there's so much going on within Walking Distance. I am telling you for sure you better have the best and most comfortable walking shoes of all time, or buy some at your local payless shoe store before you come on this trip. I think having a very cozy set of cushions underneath your feet is a critical element. This location is really fun because you can go to the different restaurants inside each of the hotels not just the one you're staying at. Of course the food is outstanding inside Epcot and that is only about two minutes away even if you're walking slow. I think next time we might try that Dolphin Resort, just because it's in the same hotel grade area but something a little bit different. I understand it's a lot more difficult to get a reservation at the Beach Club Resort or the Yacht Club Resort, both of which are directly across the street from the Boat Taxi and Crescent Lake.

Bryan V.

Must do with Kids

That families have settled into their new school routines, the holidays will soon be upon us. It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. The Disney Christmas Parade is must do with kids. Reservations are filling quickly, so don't delay. It's never too early to plan your home away-from-home for the holidays in Orlando. I like All-Star Sports Resort a lot.

Walter D.