Tips that are helpful for Key West Florida Travel

Love to Ride down by Smathers
On this side of the city of Key West you have more room to roam. go

Doing it Correctly in the Keys
These happy people are headed out for a wonderful night on the water, and they are sure going to have some fun. go

Picnics and More at Taylor Park
We had the wonderful opportunity to stay for a week in the Shipyard Condominium Unit, which is part of the Truman Annex. go

Family Friendly Mattheessen's is great for Kids
Our kids are small so we keep them out of Captain Tony's and Sloppy Joe's, as you just do not know what the singers will say during or between songs. go

Fishing Trips out in the Gulf Stream
Do plan ahead on what you are going to do with your fishing treasures. go

Duval Street
One of the evenings you have to do this activity, and enjoy the fun variety of places. go

Kitties Have Fun in Key West
If you ask your cat, where do you want to go tonight? go

Party in the Night
What fun is seeing the nightly band playing during and after the Mallory Square Sunsets, What a special treat. go


Playful Fun Stuff

Art Gallery in Key West
The island showcases artistry throughout historic Old Town. go

Information Center
We made it, the 9am Sebago Reef Trip turned out just fine! go

My favorite Lime Juice Shop
I bought my juice bottle here at the store. go

Our Stay on our Honeymoon
Start your wish list for places to visit, and you will be able to walk to them all. go

Lower Florida Keys Ocean Voyage
Our most recent vacation to Key West was a blast. go

Go here for Breakfast or the Sunset Parties
Go here for breakfast and it is a treat to have the pancakes. go

Fantastic Spot for a quick Video
It is amazing how many sightseeing locations, museums, and historic homes there are on the island. go

Full Moon is a Treat for All

With the full moon, there is a good chance the kitty will team up with the bully cat tonight. Watch out, it might be very chilly, so kitty should not go down to the circle-k dumpster for chicken wing left over trash. That is their normal hangout. Keep him close to not freeze.

Hank V.

Just the Best

The Pet Parade was just the best at the Casa Marina Resort. Extra treats for all night out Catman circus kitty! The weather has not hit here yet, but it is nice, still warm till later.

Nicholas D.