We wanted a good place to go boating with a professional

Docking the Boat in Paradise
The Trolley Stop is right here near. go

Where to Go Fishing in Marathon
Find the marina at Mile Marker 47 on the Bayside, about a half mile before going on the big bridge. go

Great location for a Wet Slip
Go with two batteries and two engines if you can swing it. go

Boater Zone in Lower Islamorada
Boating is sweet since all can snorkel in depths starting about six feet. go

Nice and Friendly Service Staff
This is where we always get our fuel and beer when staying down at Old Town Key West. go

Marina Services
I would recommend staying near mile marker 100, with so many boating options, restaurants and shopping close by. go

Boating Vacations to Key Largo
Just minutes off the Atlantic Ocean, this stunning setting provides great weather protection spot with and many slip sizes. go

Quick Boating Access
The one stop shop for everything you need to get for a day on the water in the Florida Keys. go


Knot Speed

Boater Friendly Marathon Scuba Dive Hotel
QUESTION: Do we need to buy some scuba gear before coming down to the Florida Keys? go

Upper Keys Restaurants
Love the area, since you have lots of hotel options, shopping, and watersports. go

A Really Good Hotel for Boaters
Go left from the boat dock area, and in two or three minutes is the cut through for access to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Where to get some shrimp dishes in Key West
I like trying different kinds of places. go

Hotel Homework Landed us Here
Not here, just walk out onto the sidewalk and there is neat stuff in every single direction. go

Vaca Cut Coffee Shop
This is our Marathon Sweet Shop, as the cakes, pastries, and cookies go nicely with the coffee. go

Boats go by all Day Long
It really helps you to learn the key elements, plan for certain attractions, and be made aware of things you had not known of. go


Boating with a Professional

Knot Speed

If you are an experienced diver, there's nothing better than a scuba dive trip to the Spiegel Grove Wreck. It will really challenge yourself if you do some of the different counter dives, some are pretty deep though. The uss spiegel grove is a great Key Largo dive location. The ship was launched in the 1950s and purposely sank here in 2001. This is an advanced level certification only dive. A lot more casual day on the water would be heading towards French Reef. We would have to give this area a high grade because of all the variation. There are caves to peak in, drop ledges, and is full of fish. Located just to the northeast of another popular spot, Molasses Reef. You can take dive trips seven days a week, weather permitting using Pirate Island Divers. We loved our scuba adventure trips here in Key Largo. It was so sweet to have the dive boat right here at our hotel, the upper keys Marriott. I've had really good experience at the Garden Cove Dive Center.we've had a blast on every trip out. It is so impressive to be in all the nature, especially Underwater swimming around. We saw so much, but the highlight was the giant sea turtle.

Albert S.