We loved our Vacation to Orlando and will Book Again Soon

Book Epcot Area Resorts
Epcot is the place to drink beer and more focused on adult pleasures. go

Guest Entrance
You can go off property and maybe save a few bucks and try some different things like the Ale House bar or maybe a pizza. go

Orlando Swimming Pool Hotels
You can partake in a pleasant swim in the heated pool, a boat ride on the lake, a volley ball game at the beach, or a bike ride through the grounds - just to name a few. go

Vacation Hotel
They have four main hotels as part of the resort options which means you are on the http://www.loewshotels.com/portofino-bay-hotel// property and can walk to Citywalk in about five minutes. go

Two Room Suite Rentals
Disney Springs is within walking distance, and the Theme Parks are accessible via Disney buses if you do not want to drive. go

Pacific Island Themed
Many of the Orlando hotels are like a mini Theme Park with rooms! go

Sidewalk Pathway
Intimate for couples is nice, and it's almost bordering on private in the quieter times. go

Coronado Springs Review
If you get a preferred room you will have a view over lago dorado. go


Resorts for Everyone

Girls Soccer
I have two umpires who were pushing my buttons about the time of the games. go

Layered Beer
They call it wine down Wednesday and that is a really catchy title. go

Pastries and Coffee
You are in Paris France, so just pop right in to the restaurants: Bistro de Paris or Les Chefs de France (two winners for yummy treats). go

Frozen Drink Shop
The rum runner is probably the number one pick for me because of the mix of pineapple juice, tropical punch, blackberry brandy, banana liquor, and rum alcohol. go

Disney Bus
The amenities are just what you want, a little bit of everything. go

Interactive Stage Show Adventure
Now they have a bunch of new live shows like Stitch's Great Escape! go

Street Comedy
Just how cool is this kind of stuff and so funny. go


Staying at this Location

Resorts for Everyone

If you're wallet can handle it, go ahead and stay at the Boardwalk Inn resort or the Yacht Club Resort. Most people will not be able to afford that kind of price for a Hotel Room, plus they have suites and all the way up to the two-bedroom units. If you want to go cheap I would recommend staying at Pop Century or All-Star Music Resort. We like to keep the money in the pocket for the activities around Orlando, Citywalk, and International Drive. This hotel is a fun and a very affordable option for Disney World visitors. I would assume that about fifty percent of the people that come here on vacation are on a budget and would benefit greatly by staying at this location. Where else can you walk through a neon-lit jukebox or a giant broadway theatre marquee, it is impressive. One of the first things you need to do once you decide to stay here is to figure out which building you want to be housed in. You can ask them when you make your reservation for a particular building so check out the hotel map. I would think that any of them are fine. Your choices include country, broadway, jazz, rock and the calypso building.

Roberta T.