We loved Being Able to Choose our Hotel Booking Price Point

What a fine Hotel it Is
We did not want to stay just because the hotel building looks cool. go

Good Orlando Hotel Vacation Stay
The hotel builders did a nice job by mixing in all of the waterways which navigate around the resort property. go

Swimming Pool Slide
I lost three pounds and just the first four days and it wasn't water weight because I consumed gallons of beer each day. go

Pick this for one of the Disney hotels that has the most fun! go

Free transportation to your hotel doorstep
You know this is a nice property as it is also used as part of the popular Disney Vacation Club. go

Disney Property
I like oriental food a lot so we did go out and even found a really good vietnamese restaurant http://phok5orlando.com/ in town to enjoy. go

Tent Camping near Disney Orlando
It is rv friendly, and you will have a good spot for your extender rooms. go

Every Day is Play time Here
We need to take advantage of the swimming pool, so March or April would be super or now! go


Hotels we Love

Best Sandwiches in Orlando
Kids can get a really good Hot Fudge Sundae at the restaurant at the entrance way. go

All Smiles for the Children Spots
Across the street from our marriott hotel is zaxby's chicken fingers and buffalo wings. go

Music Playing Rollercoaster Ride
We will head straight to the areosmith rollercoaster! go

Disney Palm
A good pick is the combo program to include additional courses and a Mickey Mouse breakfast. go

Not too Scarey
It is fun, especially at night when you can have no lines at all in the summer. go

Meet Aladdin
We like to take advantage of all the extras and always get the park hopper ticket upgrade. go

Love all the Disney Video on the Rides
That is why they get you so wet on the outstanding River Log Ride! go

Fun Rooms

The Movie Resort is just the place for people like me that love the movies. James garner is featured tonight now on the retro channel. He has been entertaining me for years. Support your local sheriff is a fantastic movie. I love the background theme song Music.

Heriberto P.

A good Place

It is nice exploring new places, I am big-time into travel. It is excellent to have friends that you can travel to and from, you know and stay at their house and save money. Florida is a Good Place, I just always loved it since I grew up here. It's just more casual all the time, free-flowing, bicycling. The bottom line is never so cold that I can exercise, and since I enjoy trying my best to stay in shape and live as long as possible, this is a good zone. It's now the end of September and the heat has definitely broke a little bit. The last month was hot, and that's where those disney hotels with the Swimming Pools comes in very handy! You are lucky to go to those neat Football games, which we watch right down here at the beach bars!

Debora S.