We love the poolside bars and onsite restaurants

Very Entertaining Tiki Bar Resort
Extra special is the dock poolside bar, for some decadent dining opportunities for guests. go

Hotel at Magnolia Golf
We highly recommend the Shades of Green Resort at Disney World. go

Orlando Hotels for Kids
The drop off pool bar makes a super spicy tropical crab cake. go

Swimming Pool
Key West Resort is amazing and a mid-level Disney Resort. go

Orlando Camping
The horse trails run all around and through the resort area. go

The Spa Services were exceptional
We always have those big wine bottles, beer, cokes, and that does not leave much room for the restaurant take home containers. go

Swan Resort Restaurant
The Garden Cafe is the place for steamed broccoli, grilled chicken or a big healthy salad. go

Resort for Tons of Fun
QUESTION: Being a Mom, I want my kids to have a blast, but I want to have the best time too. go


Kid Friendly Destinations

Fantastic Orlando Zoo Rides
Even the Hotel Lodge next to the park has its own zoo. go

If live sports are your thing or to have your children play, they host games in virtually every normal sport. go

Cinderella has some Spectacular Shows
Actually it is a hotel as VIP guests that win a prize or just happen to walk through the turnstiles are the right time are the big winners. go

Comedy in Front of the Bar
We have been all over the disney theme parks and resorts, so it is a pleasure to report our restaurant winner! go

Ideas for Lakeside Dining at Disney with Music
One of the top spots to see live music close-up at Epcot is the Mariachi Band, which do their songs boldly lakeside in Mexico. go

Touring China
Oh so good, and you can eat-in or take-out your food. go

Daily Events
Have you seen the hidden mickey at Hollywood Studios that is on the parade route? go


Resort Dining is a Plus

Kid Friendly Destinations

Suggestions for a good breakfast restaurant when Staying at Disney? Doing some preliminary planning for the stay at Port Orleans Riverside next weekend. Looking for a neat place for breakfast away from the hotel. An inexpensive and casual style breakfast spot. I am looking at the Earl of Sandwich or maybe the mcdonald land market.

Adam O.