We love the island vibe bars

Flagler Station Railroad
It is great to see lots of the old highway along your journey down the Overseas Highway. go

Getting into the Vacation Experience
This is a town to explore by boat, but also on the bicycle. go

Marathon's Top Weekend Bar
Come by boat, and they have mega overflow free automobile parking. go

Waterfront Entertainment and Seafood with a View
I like how there is a separate sports bar inside (for big game nights), an upscale dining zone (very romantic), and the big outdoor tiki hut restaurant (for poolside pleasures). go

Party Goombay to Fantasy Festival
They let you drink in the streets. go

Frozen Cocktails With Waterfront Views
What a view. go

Street Party
There is much respect and admiration between the two areas. go

Treasures you pick Out
High quality wood art signs are really nice for people to make a statement. go


Local Best Bets

Hotel Rentals for Boaters in Islamorada
The four mile island on the lower end is great to cruise around. go

What is on the Beer Menu
Getting your sports fix is so easy now in Key West. go

Touring the Old Town Audubon House
The historic homes around the island of Key West are just magnificent to see and explore. go

Daytime Favorite Place for Food
In the heart the island, there is the fun place in the city center, like the Sunset Pier Bar. go

Southernmost House Historic Inn
I just love the stained-glass windows frame the views of the Atlantic Ocean. go

Beach Ready Wet Wearable Sandals
One way to spice up your swimwear is by adding a nice outerwear. go

Room Rentals on the Big Island
Having a clean value hotel option would be nice. go


Finding the Music

Local Best Bets

Channel 846 is very good in my opinion, which you have also in the 400s or the 600s. It is blues with a nice twist, meaning it gets you on the dance floor around the house. Try 446, 546, etc. Enjoy the blues without getting harassed by the singer for a tip like that one place on the second floor. Bars come and go in Florida, but good blues is a winner with tropical music like mile marker twenty four band.

Maryanne S.