We love places that have perfect beach weather

Trolley Stop at Southernmost Point
A couple of other things nearby that you will enjoy include the East Martello Museum, Higgs Beach, and the White Street Pier. go

Fat Tire Beach Bike Park
We always explore this side of the Island of Key West on scooters. go

Best of the Key West Attractions
Good for all ages to authentic shipwreck treasures! go

Frisbee Beach Park
What an outstanding feature! go

Rich Area for Playful Sightseeing
The late afternoon and evening time will typically be devoted to lower Duval, Mallory Square, and the sunset parties. go

Perfect for Those with Children
I saw and laughed plenty on the tour, it is a hoot! go

Old Town Looper Ride
I love the Old Town looper ride and you can hear the announcer nicely if you follow on your bicycle! go

Keeper's Quarters Museum and Lighthouse
It is all maintained and kept so perfect by the Key West Art and Historical Society. go


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Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
Get seafood sauces here, they have all sorts of yummy kinds or try the Key West Hot Sauce Shop. go

Hip Clothing for the Water
This surfing palace has music playing, it makes it extra fun to shop. go

Hotels down in the Florida Islands
This place is fantastic, so clean and well maintained. go

This is a Prime Spot for Family Vacations
Units cover all types, from multi-bedrooms, suites, and condo style properties. go

They make the Fancy Drinks with Flare
Do not for get to order the Key Lime Pie Martini. go

Pizza Winners for Lunch and Dinner
You can listen to the tunes, but at an appropriate distance to keep your conversation going. go

Keys Bars make the Electric Lemonade Smoothie
What can be better than a Key West drinking tour, for adults only of course. go

Florida Keys Ideas

Make sure you do the Booze Cruise. What a fantastic thing to do here, maybe the best activity going in the Florida Keys. We laugh and call it the Booze Cruise since you get free margaritas, beer or whatever! It is so much about nature, fun, super views and music. On this trip we found a really good place to eat that we would like to share called cafe Bagatelle. Every day is different up here, as this was our third time eating up with the second floor views. The restaurant is one of the prime spots to hit for quality dishes of all types. There's no way you can come on vacation to this talent out get in a photograph at the Southernmost Point. It is one of the Coolest Places in Key West because of the people. Everyone loves to get a photograph or video taken here, it has a great vibe all day long. If you want to try something a little more adventuresome go for the Big Pine Kayak Adventures. Don't miss a true Florida Keys thrill, one you will not forget. Your guided back-country tour takes you to places of amazing beauty. It is pure joy, you paddle with all sorts of nature including frolicking bottlenose dolphin!

Jesse M.

Lower Keys

Geiger key as many times as I've been to the keys, I always seem to bypass geiger key in my rush to get to Key West. The campground is located in an open area behind the motel. The launch is ideal for Kayaks and small boats. The paddling opportunities are endless, and so are the Fishing hot spots.

Go all the way to the end of long beach road for another access point from a sandy beach on the ocean side. At the end of the road, there is another launch. For starters, there are fewer visitors here, other than key west-bound island hoppers along the Overseas Highway. We did paddle around in a ravishing setting of islands, bays and lagoons.

We tried the namesake killer Hogfish sandwich and the quiznos.com subs, and it was to die for. There are several launch spots here for ocean Kayaking behind the naval air station on boca chica key. There are plenty of things to do on mightily-big pine and the lower keys. Both snorkel and dive equipment rentals available.

You can always strap your Snorkel Gear to your kayak and snorkel anywhere you like. As you might expect, the Fishing here is very good, as well. The launch is a bit muddy here, but it gets you on the ocean faster and its close to the patch reefs. The preeminent way to see the lower keys may be under water.

There is so much more to the lower keys besides Key West. Get off the highway and find your lost paradise. Paddle around the islands and lagoons to view rare wading birds, snorkel the near-shore patch reefs.

Rhoda T.