We like the Places that have Something for Everyone

Memory Making
Each trip to the Theme Parks is time to take home a special gift of the day. go

Tumble Monkeys
They are called tumble monkeys, and do all sorts of neat things using trampolines to fly them into the air. go

Swimming Pools
This is Florida where the anticipation of a nice warm day just makes you want to be outside and wet. go

Memory Making
You know you've done a good thing when the teenagers have smiles on during the day, because they can traditionally be a little on the moody side. go

Sweet parts that are do not miss
During the process riders create a virtual custom-concept vehicle to ride. go

Going Floorless is a Big Thrill
We had a good day, saw lots of the marine life shows. go

Roller Coaster Rides
Everybody just has to hold on tight and be prepared to get wet on Kali River. go

Game Room
They have good restaurants close by so food is not a problem. go


Make Yourself Smile

This lake side cafe serves breakfast and lunch style take out food in addition to the bakery goods. go

Hollywood Studios Grand Parade
Get ready for a fine day! go

Drive One of the Race Cars
The IndyCar machine was very fast and it was a pleasure to drive around the Speedway. go

Motorcycle Shop
We definitely recommend everybody stop in and check out this wonderful store. go

Fast Food Burgers
You can't miss this area. go

Disney Palm
The Disney cast members are committed to providing the best golfing experience in Orlando Florida by delivering the absolute top customer service to the players. go

Musical Stage Show Winner
Finding Nemo the musical is top on the list. go

Absolutely Terrific

For all those people that are heading to Orlando in the coming month or two I wanted to make a suggestion. We've been doing all the theme parks and love every minute of it. One of the big things that we missed out on for a long time was the water parks at Disney. They have two of them and both are absolutely terrific. One of them is named Blizzard Beach and the other is Typhoon Lagoon, just get a one-day pass to either of the parks and it will be a good time. Plus it's about half price what it is to go to a Theme Park. You need to pay attention to the Florida Resident Discount rates for anything that you can take advantage of. Many people come from inside the sunshine state and do not even try to get their tickets reduced, which is always available. That was one of the things that walt always wanted, make the price low enough so that locals could come regularly. I give him credit, as we love the Wet Rides!

Ismael K.

Lots to Do

More yeah to a nice Disney trip to the Pop Century Resort! I came home to empty food bowls and kitty holler-in for more food! Yeah to the putt-putt in Orlando. Yeah to the good places to stay for discounts like daysinn.com which we like!

Vicki L.