We like the entertainment options of both I-Drive and Disney

Vegetable Stir Fry Cafe
What a great opportunity to explore the vast and unique chinese history. go

Things that are Hot in Disney Orlando
Plus, this just maybe one of the very top spots to do a bit of Mickey Mouse Greeting! go

Makes Me Smile
I came away so impressed by the Mickey Mouse Animation Courtyard. go

For the Kids
Visit the arcade gallery to play the coolest games and electronics, the best for disney game rooms. go

Must see at Disney Epcot
Yes, the athletic and funny cast members but on the very best show. go

Jump on the Rocket Ride
The spin is very tight and that is what gets to your brain. go

Day and Nightlife is super at Epcot
Definitely, adults will be much happier with the overall day when you go to Epcot. go

Aztec Pyramid
It would be great if they let you climb up this on the outside. go


Real or Imagined

Travel Trailer Vacation Pleasures
You are camping in style so even your teen aged youth will have a good time. go

Story Book Resort
Good news about the Disney hotels is all of them are a story book Orlando vacation stay good for all ages. go

Easy Walk to Epcot Park
Both of these resorts here are perfect for families, the Beach Club or Yacht Club. go

All around Value Winner
The themed hotels are really fun picks. go

What excellent family fun and play, this is a Top-10 Orlando Area Hotel for sure. go

Resorts near Disney
We stayed on the ninth floor and were completely satisfied. go

Hotels with Kids
The Disney chef make a really good mahi fish with shrimp covered in a sauce. go

Thrill Rides for all Ages

Magic Kingdom has some very good and fast rides. The rides look tame enough but be warned things have changed. Space Mountain is for real now and you are strapped in tight.

Earnest M.

Not just Kids

Please do not spend $20 trying to toss the ring or shooting Basketball hoops. The big cute toy story doll is not worth it. Use the money for the over priced alcohol! I would say one of the best times to go to Orlando for a little getaway would be during the ESPN the Weekend festival. All ages will get into this, not just kids. The sports focus means you get to do things like swing your leg and see how fast your Soccer kick will be. They have Softball toss, Baseball toss, but is the putting and coughing that I like so much. You still get to do the normal things like that Aerosmith Ride, and the everyday activities are open and available to use and enjoy. We think the event weekends are extra special and would recommend them highly.

Willy D.