We like the easy Way to Fish Sometimes and that is using the Bottom Rods

Mile Marker 4 Lagoon
Kayaking is just more pleasurable here, about two hours is what you would need. go

Everyone can help Commercial Fishing Businesses
They are less toxic and are rejected or dissolved sooner than stainless steel, cadmium, or nickel-plated hooks. go

Eat your fish the same day
Bring a bunch of those one gallon freezer bags and a black marker to write the fish type on the outside of the freezer bag. go

Boat Docks at Key Colony Beach
This is what makes sport fishing so popular, the great healthy dishes you can make. go

Plan for an hour with Lunch and Sightseeing
Here you get great views, good prices for seafood, frozen cocktails, shopping, and fishing off the dock. go

Best Fishing Destinations in Florida
Once the fish has a bait or lure in its mouth, that's the time to reel in the line nicely tight. go

Backroad Parks
Bringing an exhausted fish out of the water is like placing a plastic bag over the head a marathon runner. go

Fishing Boat Docks at MM-84
Be sure to visit Whale Harbor when you are in Islamorada. go


Anglers Go Fishing

Burgers and Steaks
I definitely recommend this spot just find one of the big fans if it's a warm day so it's aiming at you or go inside where it's nice and cool. go

Working Out
Staying in shape is super for having greater muscle strength and mass. go

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration
We meet so many people out around the swimming pool. go

Old Home Mansions
You cannot beat the tours for getting to the key elements about the before and now of each property. go

Southernmost Rooms
I just love the stained-glass windows frame the views of the Atlantic Ocean. go

Cats are huge around the Island
Number one for all cats is space and room to roam! go

Ping Pong Bar
Do go here at least once if you have time. go


The Florida Keys for Fishing Trips

Anglers Go Fishing

Heading down to the Florida Keys for fishing trips is so exciting. We always start getting pumped up after we fill up our gas at the Florida City gas stations, the last main stop before you hit the Overseas Highway. We like to do card sound road so we can stop by Alabama Jack's restaurant. Our favorite is the Conch fritters, as this is the best place in the Florida Keys to enjoy this dish. It is nice to have a bunch of pitstop restaurants, that are enjoyable and you get out of the car for a little while. I love the spicy foods from Senor Frijoles. The Florida Keys does have fresh Mexican food done right. They make the special salsas, secret sauces and homemade chips from scratch. I like a place that has the seafood and that is a good thing at the Fish House. Certainly the seafood is the king crab here, what a long and excellent history this restaurant has. I have to hype up the cobb salad with grilled shrimp. For a super quick stop do the Arbys Sandwich Shop. Quick and fast, plus you can swing by the drive through pickup area. Famous for serving roast beef sandwiches, fries, and milk shakes. There's nothing wrong with having your own picnic stuff already in your ice cooler, so you don't have to deal with any restaurants on the way to your destination. By having your food and drinks in your car, there is no wasted time dealing with your hunger pains since it isn't convenient for you to snack on. This way you can focus on attractions when you stop on the way down. Not pitstops for food, pitstops for fishing fun!

Luigi N.