We learned of all the culture and the island city's diverse heritage

Things to See in Old Town
Be sure to see the old photos of the properties in the preservation program. go

Taylor Beach Park
Easily on the top-ten-things to do in the city. go

Good things to do with Children in Key West
Everyone gets to learn plenty about the ship's long maritime history when you ride out from the Port of Key West. go

Surprises on the Sightseeing Tour
Islamorada attracts outdoor enthusiasts from south florida on the weekends, it is a great place to be. go

La Casa Cuba
History is everywhere around you, and you need to check the event schedule because there's all sorts of cool things to do. go

Lots to See in Jackson Square
End of the rainbow has such a great ring to it, and it gets you thinking and pondering the special meaning. go

Good Stuff to see in the City
On your first day make time to hop on the train to tour all of this magical city. go

Bahia Honda State Park
One of the neater things you can do outside in the Florida Keys is going up on Henry Flagler Bridge park walkway. go


Adult Fun

Yeah for the Florida Keys Shopping Treasures
It is very competitive on this part of the island, where everyone wants to cruise ship patrons dollars. go

Lower Florida Keys Ocean Voyage
Our most recent vacation to Key West was a blast. go

Oceanfront Florida Hotels
The hotel pool is primetime as are the suites. go

Key Largo Dive Hotel
It is so nice to stay at the top of the Florida Keys. go

Key West Hangover Cures
Things really start to go full blast after around 3pm. go

Hotel Rentals for Boaters in Islamorada
They have lots of boat trailer parking and the rooms are very clean. go

Tarpon Creek Bar and Grill
The Tarpon Creek Bar and Grill is my favorite stops when I'm traveling through the Florida Keys. go


Historical Stuff

Adult Fun

Hunting for Shipwrecks is Just the Best, and they got rich! We love the vibe of the Florida Keys, plus the boating and historical stuff. Key Largo is nice and has good tiki places like jj's bar. It was told by our hotel manager this was a good locals spot for cheap beer and Good Food. Looking into the key elements: waterfront, mile marker 104 bayside, dollar beer at happy hour. Cheng Garden is the place for chinese food take out. This is the neat place we had lunch the first day in Key Largo. It is great and we just took our bikes over to it at the tradewinds plaza by the big giant Publix. Denny's Latin Cafe is a top pick for the coffee, cuban style. This is a little cafe right next to our hotel, Bayside Inn, about a block away. Perfect for all those fancy coffee drinks and Cuban Food. Juice House is good for the food list. We first stopped in and could not believe the prices of the breakfast specials. Specializing in juices and cuban food, like pork or Fish Sandwiches, including my pick the steak and onion classic.

Isaias O.