We are so Lucky to have so many Playful Orlando Activities

Hold on Tight
It's a railroad style ride and it starts off through a beautiful pine forests, with lots of green trees that go really tall in the air. go

Disney Horse Ride Rentals
Trail rides are offered daily, just pick a nice day since weather permitting is part of the rules. go

We like the Singing and Dancing Shows
They bring props and can put a coordinated performance that will last for five or ten minutes and then they disappear, just like that. go

Things to do in the Orlando Summer
I would plan on at least five hours, if your body can handle it. go

Lakeside Shopping
It's a good place for those that like to indulge in some alcohol cocktails and party. go

Shopping List
I forgot about bed bath and beyond the store http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/category/kitchen/kitchen-organization/counter-organization/12096/ which has a lot of nice things and there are all over town including in Altamonte Springs and they have one over there in Kissimmee not that far from the All-Star Movies resort. go

International Drive is a Big Winner
Go up in the sky to see more. go

Game Day
You get paid more, you have the best facilities and you see the best teams, so suck it up, buttercup! go


Visitor Planning

Surf Pool Beach
You get it all here in central Florida at Lake Buena Vista, without driving to the beach. go

Convenience Store
Take a look inside the store in the Disney section because they have a bunch of different gifts you can get for cheap. go

Hamburger and Fries
If you're in the area of sand lake road International Drive then you definitely have to stop at the world's largest McDonald's and get up hamburger. go

Great Escape
Family fun is a day with Stitch and the zany character gang. go

Where to find the perfect Disney World Gift
Close to the theme parks, these places are always busy and active due to the overflow from the theme parks. go

Bicycle Taxi
I just thought this place is the cutest thing you could ever imagine. go

Music Events
The music and events help to make this the most exciting part of the park, especially in the afternoons when the band take the stage. go

Disney Recyclebank Points

Hey Disney traveler, you might not realize, but you have thirty recyclebank points just sitting around, waiting to be redeemed. They're set to expire on September 15th. You earned them by taking all those green actions, so why not get yourself something? You can get rewards like discounts on Orlando groceries, a night out or hundreds of other Disney perks! The rewards of vacationing in Orlando are big time.

Shelley O.

Mickey Mouse Picks

One of your great qualities is a nice youthful outlook toward Disney! Perhaps you hide any sadness, but we all have that periodically. My only thought is, dating at Disney is for those under about twenty five? You are just enjoying life, not dating at Epcot! That makes it way to dramatic. You are meeting friends, some you might kiss like donald duck! Just messing with you, as I love the Mickey Mouse coverage and news.

Mel C.

Happy Times

Central Florida is a good pick for all folks. We might do a late night bike ride, not sure. It could be cool and windy and we need to deal with it with preparation and gloves! Even biking in the day will be cold, just like me today on my bike here. Ok, Florida Travel Commander I will be prepared for December cold at the Magic Kingdom Parade. B12 Lion King kitty is outside and what A Pleasure it Is. The place to eat is called the johnnysfillinstation.com filling station. How cool is a vacation to Orlando for Fun Times.

Numbers E.