We are more impressed with the live entertainment here, since being scared of the fast rides

Watching the Street Shows
Yes, the athletic and funny cast members but on the very best show. go

Street Party
Yes, they have all sorts of singers, bands, plus the cool night parade is filled with tunes from all sorts of the Disney Movies and Videos. go

Characters are Adorable
The perfect spot to soak up some laughter while you relax your feet. go

Wildlife Safari Jeep Tour
The staging line gets crowded early, and is busy all day. go

Funniest Rides at Orlando Theme Parks
Yes, people stay in the condo style rooms inside. go

Eating Place
It was a true pleasure to eat in an authentic replica of the famous Brown Derby Restaurant. go

TV Filming of Mickey Mouse
This is the Christmas day parade, which so many families watch while opening their presents back home. go

Do not take it for granted, the Epcot Lake Area is one-of-a-kind. go


Opportunity for Junior

Disney World Hotel Deals
We will do a Disney weekend in August when the rates go down a little more. go

Plants and landscaping are just beautiful
ANSWER: You Couldn't be Closer to the Disney Orlando Magic, as the better disney hotels have microwaves and are sweetly located. go

New Orleans Hotel
I love the weekends here as you hardly spend time in the hotel room. go

Enjoying the Moderate and Deluxe Resorts
It is special being a swim away from exciting Disney Springs. go

Amenities Light up Disney Stay
They pump in all sorts of surprises, games, shows, and music right at the hotel. go

Book a Walt Disney Resort Value
Your crew can listen to jazz music at scat cats club. go

Boat Dock
Top on the list is the giant pool area, the huge shipwreck slide, great rooms, poolside bar, and walking to Epcot. go


Animal Circus has it All

Opportunity for Junior

Our day was special at Animal Kingdom. This is an electric and circus style part of the park. Great rides include Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin, and Dinosaur. A fantastic show For all Ages is Finding Nemo the Musical.

Erich H.