We always have more fun on Orlando Florida vacations

Lagoon Views
That's the way it is in Florida, cloudy in the afternoon. go

Not all the Disney Resorts are Equal
(1) Pick a hotel that has the monorail in the area, so you can skip the bus. go

We are so lucky to have pick something a little better than the ordinary. go

Hotel at Magnolia Golf
Adjacent to the Magic Kingdom and top rated Magnolia Golf, with free transportation to all of Disney World. go

Hotel Transportation
Sometimes they sing and dance a little bit on the buses which is really entertaining. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
This is one impressive area and it is one of the resorts where bicycles are great to have and the bonus water taxis. go

Baseball Themed Swimming Pool
Definitely the swimming pools are the greatest here on the Disney property, and they have two nice ones at this resort. go

Riverside Hotel Rooms
Staying along a busy boating river makes it very special with the free boat taxi rides. go


Travel Temptations

Excellent Selection of Dishes
A top menu item is the margarita chicken with a big iced tea. go

You can get on Disney TV
Just come with the good attitude, lines are here, but it is so fun when it is packed. go

Listen to the Daily Music Band
Sometimes a have a big star acting in that case there is a line that forms to get inside each event. go

Heading Down Slush Gusher
This ride is prime time all on it on. go

All smiles on our World Trip to Epcot
There is a boat area out front and a 360-degree movie to see. go

Contest Winning Swimming Pool
Anything that's about going superfast is a good thing. go

Themed Dining is part of the Day
The Disney food cart menu has all sorts of foods and flavors that suit your taste preferences. go

Hotels in Orlando

If I had to vote for one resort of all of them to stay at when hanging out for a week or so in Orlando, give my vote to the Beach Club Resort. This is the place is very close to Epcot Theme Park. What we liked the most is to have a really nice Swimming Pool area to come back and hang out around when we have a little bit of chill time. It is fun to be busy at the different events around the city and we like to go all over, even to downtown Orlando. It's kind of far from here but there's a lot in the area to take advantage of if you want to. One good thing about staying at one of the Epcot area resorts is you don't have to use your car at all. Many of the days that we vacation here, we do not get out and use the car, rather we let the Boat Taxi do the work! If you're new to Disney, many of the deluxe or mid-level hotels have boat Taxi Service. It is nice to be taken down to the bars in the restaurants and a Boat Taxi with a little buzz on after you've just come back from that Espn Club happy hour!

Jacinto I.

Orlando Hotel Rewards

Going to Orlando and using my rewards points and I got this email confirmation of account changes. They are great with email communication on everything fast. Here is the email: at your request, your online password has been changed. To sign in with your new password, please visit Marriott.com marriott.com main site log in. We look forward to serving you on your next visit! Important: if you did not request this password change, please contact Orlando rewards Guest Services. This email confirmation is an auto-generated message. Replies to automated messages are not monitored. Our rewards guest services team is available to assist you twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. Thanks for your contact with rewards guest services.

Marla Q.