Vacation of the Month in the Florida Keys

Underwater Viewing Boat Ride
The glassbottom boat ride is one of the things you have to do once, at least. go

Playful Fun for Couples in Key West
There is no more fun in the Florida Keys fan when you are on the water. go

Extremely Entertaining for all Ages
The only requirement would be that you know how to swim, however the boats do not tip. go

Go with the Florida Freeze Cocktail
One can also just walk up to the bar and order drinks here. go

Places we like to get Drunk in Islamorada
Our crew just returned from four nights there at the Islander Resort, which is just a stones through from the coolest nightlife bar. go

Swimming at Sombrero Reef Beach
About a mile down on the left, so cool for family fun. go

Doing it Correctly in the Keys
This is the stuff of memories made. go

Where to go Kayaking
This is one our top picks. go


Fun Schedule

Bars that the locals love on the Island
Could a town have more interesting places to explore? go

Home Product Deals
The water always worked, but the electricity stopped. go

Seafood Dining in Marathon Key
I use jasmine rice. go

Love the Five Dollar Game
I still dream about people with the five dollars signs. go

Islamorada Beer Bars
Just loved their Grilled Italian Sausage. go

Enjoy all Things Ice Cream
It is nice for the great tasting, quality frozen yogurt and an expansive self-serve toppings bar. go

Low Calorie Restaurant in Key West
She said they make the best salads in town and the kind that is very healthy and loaded down with protein too. go


So many Unique Places

Fun Schedule

One of the great areas for a pit stop on your way down the Overseas Highway is the Whale Harbor Channel. It is a beautiful area and the water here is packed with boaters. This is the main channel to take you in and out from the oceanside sandbar and the Backcountry Fishing zones. There's a bunch of good areas around here to do things, especially if you have your bicycles and can paddle around and explore a super Prime Time area to get a hotel. We liked upper keys a lot because of the diving is so good. Our recommendation is to use the Rainbow Reef Dive company. Some of the world's best scuba diving starts right off the coast of Key Largo. The area is fun and inviting, with so many unique places to go snorkel or dive. Probably the most interesting thing we saw the whole time was the Carysfort Reef. This gun ship sank in 1770. It has mooring buoys surrounding the lighthouse and is approximately six miles out from the coastline at approximately mile marker 111.

Rodrigo U.