Vacation families from the middle of Miami can get here so easy

Interactive Dolphin Play Programs
We picked the resort here because Marathon caters primarily to family vacations focused on watersports. go

Excellent Hotel Swimming Pool and Beach Play
It is oh so close and winner of a hotel for sure. go

Picking Out a Downtown Winner
It's not that expensive at all to take those quickly lost shuttle airplanes down to Key West and you can be at one of these fabulous hotels right in the city center. go

Travel Trailer Campsite
I really think the keys are more about active people, since everything to do is outside. go

Rental Suites in the Florida Keys
You do not know what is coming ahead, a tarpon may bump the boat, or you get to close to the mangroves and have to duck. go

Great times staying in the Deluxe Room
QUESTION: Can you please give us a suggestion for a romantic style rental for two? go

Southernmost Beach Hotel
We really like the resort size with a good sense of character. go

Tip of the Island Inn
Make sure you barbecue outside by the swimming pool at least one evening, with some of those fancy tropical mojitos drinks in hand. go


Hotels and Resorts

Things to see on Big Pine Key
It is all nature, as the wildlife here includes fish, turtles, birds and alligators. go

Super-duper Club Panini by the Chef
Stop in if you have not been, the restaurant has the perfect vibe and fits in so well with our quaint little community. go

Heritage Site of the Historic Florida Keys Foundation
Of all of the neat things we saw on the Tour Train, the old heritage cemetery has the most historical significance. go

Florida Eggs in the Keys
It was our third morning, stopped in and really enjoyed the breakfast scene here. go

Free tour of the Oldest House
The oldest house is something we always stop by and check out. go

Egg Rolls
What a fabulous place to eat, and it is dine in or take out. go

My Place for Drinks after Fishing
Try the kayaks for a fun and scenic paddling adventure. go


We like the Drink Deals

Hotels and Resorts

Did you see the good video about Salty's. We need to go to the sunset there this time. We have not done that before. Sunset will be during happy hour too. Bring your cast net to catch bait fish for later or the next day. We like the drink deals.

Nona I.