Try the local marathon restaurants for some really good prices

Cracked Conch Florida Keys Egg Bake
For breakfast the top pick is two eggs, ham, fries, Cuban toast and a cup of coffee. go

Happy Hour Bar 3-5pm
Pull up to it by boat. go

Barbecue Dishes Handmade Daily
The big beers go down so well with the french fries and bbq dipping sauce. go

Fish and Dip in Mango Sauce
Dinner with a view, the combination of the two makes for a delicious time. go

Fresh Fit Breakfast Menu
Load up the sandwich with all the goodies, then ask for a few extra and see if they can close the sandwich to wrap it. go

Buffalo Shrimp on the Menu
We like to pop in to the restaurant and get take-out food for our boating trips. go

One of the Finest Restaurants on Marathon Island
The best thing for me is getting sandwiches because I love the wonderful fresh bread. go

Casually Cool Tiki Bar
Be a konk and drink beer like a conch! go


Restaurant Locations

Buy your Bait
Yes, the rules and regulations are kind of a battle to understand, but they explained very simply in the shop. go

Staying in Marathon
Make sure to hang a bit in the hammocks between the coconut trees. go

Backroad Parks
If you want to have a shot at a crazy sheepshead bite you better get out fishing soon. go

Vacations above the Seven-Mile Bridge
We use to find what hotel is on the discount. go

Everyone raves over this Florida Keys Beach
What a special sightseeing location for those driving through Marathon. go

Water Sports Stuff
From the docks it takes only five or ten minutes to boat out to Pigeon Key Park. go

Learn about Fishing
Once the fish has a bait or lure in its mouth, that's the time to reel in the line nicely tight. go

So many good Restaurants

Marathon is such a pleasant town with so many good things to do. The people that vacation here are really lucky because they have so many good restaurants to pick from and all of the attractions. It has been A Pleasure to come here and stay for the full week, and we are glad to have picked this location. Marathon plays host to so many attractions, like Kayaking at Curry Hammock. We love Sombrero Beach, the Dolphin Research Center, Boot Key Harbor, and the Seven Mile Bridge Park. If you want to go out to the reefs, the Spirit Snorkeling is a winner. Easy to find in Marathon, located at mile marker 47, just beyond Porkys restaurant. On the right side, heading southwest bayside. Sombrero Country Club play golf about seventy miles down the island chain from the Florida mainland. It is Just the Best golf day out. When it's time to go swimming the place to hit is Marathon Public Beach. Our top pick for middle Florida Keys Public Beach parks is here in Marathon.

Herschel B.

Eating Favorites

Doing vacation exercise means more restaurant dining! This is a town for eating out after the workouts. We can add in tennis hitting, as an hour of that is a good one. Let's do more tennis, which is super is very cold weather or better than Bicycle Riding or walking.

Eating is good with island food and we can do that over at Madeira Beach and the Marathon vacation. No more fat stuff for me for a while, since I am going to get a new job. Eating out and healthy is good for my figure, and I talked to my mom and told her I am going to get a new job. We can go to the seven mile bridge bar!

Penelope S.