Try some of the odd spots off the main roads

Come by Boat, Bicycle, or Kayak
I love the fancy cocktails with all the fruit sticking out. go

Surprises on the Sightseeing Tour
There are lots of things to see on land, the main island is four miles long. go

Southernmost White House
I am still in shock of being able to do that. go

Bahia Honda State Park
The bridge walkway is inside Bahia Honda State Park, and is just one vantage point you want to get of this iconic bridge. go

Cruising the Backroads of Key West
This is the highest natural elevation in Key West. go

Wow is this Property One-of-a-kind
This is the most efficient travel and transportation method in the city. go

Top Ten Key West Things to See
It is just a fabulous park that is the best place to go snorkeling away from the reefs. go

Go fast in High Winds
The boat is over 125-feet long and was a maintenance vessel for the Western Union Telegraph for decades. go


Learn about Everything

Special Trip to Experience Dinner
Look at the board for the daily chef's specialty. go

Best of the Fishing Vacation Hotels
Having the boat out front so you can go out whenever the wind is calm down nicely, which makes the water clarity come out to its utmost. go

Every Day was Perfect for Bicycle Sightseeing
Most of the attractions cost something, and everything seems to be valued appropriately. go

Gifts are so Easy
For the evenings on the boat can be cool so grab a cardigan or a blazer to keep warm. go

Boating Stop
It is a super place to get a lunch sandwich, eat, and then walk around. go

Waverunner Rentals
An excellent spot to take advantage of the waverunner touring is the rental shop right behind the Marriott at mile marker 103.8. go

The best vacation events ever
Your tour guide will show you the ropes, explain lots of locals only knowledge, get the skinny on famous places and it is all done with a smile. go


Something to Satisfy Everyone

Learn about Everything

It is very true that Burdines Waterfront is a sure thing for all families wanting to eat with A View. It was so cool to find this tucked away island bar. This place is excellent, both for the daily deals and views of Boot Key Harbor. There is no doubt that the Seven Mile Grill wins lots of awards. It is a classic Florida Keys restaurant that is beloved by the locals do to good prices. Ready to drink and have fun, The Hurricane bar and grille is open every day! What a fun restaurant and bar. The menu is all the fish tacos, shrimp, pizza and has something to satisfy everyone. Sombrero Dockside Lounge is the place for those in Boot Key Harbor. You are sure to find some seafood or burgers that will please even the most discriminating palate. The casual waterfront location makes it nice for fun family dining.

Karl V.