Cost effective places to go in the Florida Keys

Florida Reef Shark Center
This is the place to let your child pet a young nurse shark! go

Landing at the Port of Key West
The islands are stunning in the vivid sunlight. go

Pick the day to make it right
We took the 10am departing trip, as we think this is the time of day providing the best water clarity. go

Fun Spots for Drinking Alcohol
You can't beat this area for cocktails, dinner, dessert, and a great view. go

Trips to Key West
I love listening to their stream and they have it on Internet radio the website. go

Key West Community Activities
Do not miss all of Higgs Park, the Whitehead Pier, Martello Tower, and the A1A Scenic Sidewalk. go

Fishing Trips out in the Gulf Stream
Of all of the different things that we did during our two week Florida Keys vacation, this party boat was the most memorable. go

Finding Different Fun Spots
Go ahead and bring your kitty down with you on your Key West vacation. go


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Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
The menu features an excellent selection of high end beer and wines. go

The Best of Florida Keys Parties
If you are making plans to come down and vacation in Key West during this weekend festival, you are in luck! go

Secret Attractions of Key West
It makes you ponder taking a road trip all the way up. go

Flagler Station Railroad
Morning time is really good for walking out the memories of the Florida Keys. go

Fantastic Historic Key West Attractions
Make sure you check online for discounts, which are available for Mel Fishers Treasure Shop and Museum. go

Dazzler of Frozen Desserts
Take your pick from a dizzy list of sweet treats sure to have your mouth saying thanks! go

Florida Keys Apparel and Trinkets
Use all of your really good weather for outdoor pleasures (snorkel trips, tour train rides, bicycle exportation) and do all of your gift shopping during poor conditions (when you are mostly inside). go


Tips for Florida Keys Vacations

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Get a hotel room with a kitchen and stop at the grocery store on your way into town. For coffee, skip the Starbucks and get a cafe con leche for half the price. Take a picnic to The Beach and use the grills and picnic tables. Take advantage of happy hours seven days a week. Utilize the chambers of commerce information for free and they have a variety coupon books. Don't travel on holidays as you be getting the best value, the islands will be less crowded and more enjoyable. Only try the upscale restaurants at lunch and happy hours. Gas up in Key Largo, since gas goes up in price the further south you go. Get seafood from the markets for better prices for fresh Stone Crabs, Florida lobster and pink shrimp. Shop the discount stores like beall's outlet, the Dollar Tree and Kmart for inexpensive gifts.

Isabelle E.