Our top picks for Dinner Time Treats

Great for the Mango Daiquiri
We are now reporting on the best of Florida's Happy Hours and are please to add the Lazy Gecko to our Traveler Magazine Recommended List. go

Get your Dance Groove On
Music is the shining star of this great bar. go

Fancy Foods with a View
We like both lunch and dinner here, but always have more time during the day to indulge in the fine food. go

Best Restaurant in the Florida Keys
My favorite drink has coconut rum, apricot brandy, fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, and some extra dark rum as a floater! go

Spots Everyone will Enjoy the Scene
Good beer prices was a bonus. go

Cocktails at 430 Duval
I love the mango mojito using fresh mango slices, lime juice, mint leaves and cruzan mango rum. go

A View
A super recipe is the jerk chicken quesadillas packed with pineapple, peppers, red onions and cheese. go

Arrived for the Early Bird Seafood Specials
It is a very nice place and I really like the Spicy Shrimp over linguini and the Mussels Marinara. go


Hearty Helpings

Secret Beach
A very private beach area, locals use this and tourists have no idea. go

Where to Shop
It is a good place with good quality of our products, discount pricing and excellent service. go

Beginner Paddle Boarding Locations and Lessons
Higgs Beach is nice because of the clear water and lots of people, up at mile marker five and higher you can get more into the scenic waterway mangrove trails. go

We Like the Morning Sunrise Rides
What a treasure is the A1A Scenic Trail! go

Treasures you pick Out
Signs have the option of Customizable Text, just fill in what the new words. go

Super City to Tour with Mobility
The best of worlds is to have both, for early morning and evening bicycle rides. go

Sightseeing near Tavernier Town Shopping Center
Heading south is Snake Creek at MM86. go


The good Restaurants

Hearty Helpings

We did a lot of planning for this trip, because we wanted to do more things and not miss out on any of the good restaurants. I would definitely plan your budget around having a nice lunch and a good dinner each day. Two good meals is plenty, and you can just eat the other meal back at the hotel or its leftovers. We always stop at the Publix in Key West and get some vegetables, apples, and are beer and wine. You can save some money if you do not go famished into every single restaurant in town. Snack on some pretzels or an apple, and then you could go into a restaurant and just sip on a cocktail first for a little bit. You will not be starving to get at the first thing that is edible on a plate. It can happen because you are very busy doing all the Bicycle Riding and the walking, so you will get more hungry on these trips. There's nothing worse than grumpy kids, so keep on nibbling all day long before you get to Sloppy Joe's for dinner!

Martina W.