Winnning spots to go for the day in the Florida Keys

Catamaran Sailing Boats out on the Water
There is no more fun in the Florida Keys fan when you are on the water. go

Daily Shows at the Nature Theater
Make note of everything that is in a cool zone, and out of the sun. go

East Island has Unique Sightseeing Spots
Do not miss all of Higgs Park, the Whitehead Pier, Martello Tower, and the A1A Scenic Sidewalk. go

Party on the Move
You don't have to be a drinker, but it sure helps if you like to slosh down a bunch of alcoholic beverages! go

Yummy Grilled Fish is the Prize
Smile Susie for the camera, you just caught a prized Trigger Fish! go

Moon Light Restaurant at Mallory Square
Tropical food and the great music under the moon. go

Stand up Paddle Board
See marching groups, island bands and street dancers and feathered costumes. go

Florida Reef Shark Center
You get to see black tip, nurse sharks, sandbar and bonnethead sharks. go


Family Adventure Lists

Bicycles make this town shine
The number one most important thing about the city of Key West is to take advantage of the bicycle fun. go

Southernmost Water Trip Starting Spot
We enjoy boating in Islamorada, Key Largo, Big Pine, and especially when we vacation all the way down to Key West. go

Bike, Swim, Walk or Bicycle Cabs
Certainly, and automobile is no longer needed in the city of Key West. go

Eat and Drink
I love the mango mojito using fresh mango slices, lime juice, mint leaves and cruzan mango rum. go

Nature on the Island shines bright
When you head here, also stop and see the White Street Pier, Higgs Beach, and the A1A Scenic Sidewalk. go

Cheeseburger Beach Cafe
Good place to taste food off the grill, just like a family cookout without the mesh. go

Just dandy for all ages and held at the Oldest House Garden. go


Music makes it Happen

Family Adventure Lists

I always thought the Key West music scene was fantastic, but the stones are on another planet. The two and a half stones concert on palledia is not to be missed. For a small warm up, play this on the computer while you are cooking or what ever. Oh my goodness, mick is the man. What a band. Exceptional, way good and the perfect warm up to an evening on Duval Street.

Samual G.