What are the top five things to do in Florida?

Everything is Built for Speed
I got it as a birthday gift and was pleasantly surprised about how realistic the NASCAR type of experience and speed you get. go

Beat the crowds by starting early
Smart people know that showers go quick in Orlando and you can ride it over and over with no lines or waiting. go

For all Ages
Fantasia Gardens is more like the real kind of golf. go

Really nice free attractions near Disney Orlando
The Boardwalk is a must do place and it is excellent for all ages and families. go

Public Works Street Show
You cannot miss the movie ride, as that's the way to learn how things are done behind the scenes. go

Entertainment in Morocco
So fun, without all the wind and desert sand dunes. go

Most Scary Magic Kingdom Ride
There are no better parks or entertainment for kids under fourteen, plus it is nice for the parents. go

Showcase of Restaurants
There's just something about the menu and all the good tasty dishes like the shrimp with Chinese vegetables. go


Magical Orlando

Buildings are Spaced out Nicely
It's a lot cheaper to bring your own wine and beer from Publix or the walmart that's not that far away. go

Orlando Vacations for the Spa Treatment
This is easily one of the finer hotels that you have the opportunity to stay at in Orlando, and it sits directly next to the Magic Kingdom. go

Fine Stay
This is one impressive area and it is one of the resorts where bicycles are great to have and the bonus water taxis. go

We Loved the Most
Cool are the happy times exploring this area. go

Window Rooms to see the Epcot Fireworks
You can drink alcohol in all the bars, tequila shots in honor of Mickey Mouse! go

Every Day is Play time Here
Looking for the Orlando Art Hotel, it might be the hotel here at the wonderful animation resort. go

Pleasures of the Luau Splash Pool
Very nice is a tropical oasis beach resort that features a white-sand beach with a zero-entry erupting volcano pool. go

Totally Impressed by the Vibe

The food is super in Canada. This is one of the top restaurants picks. A drive through canada's scenic green mountains means you are at Epcot or the real thing. A good time and wow what a super place for an Orlando steakhouse restaurant.

Rena H.

Good Things

If you want, we can change it to thurs night and Friday night. No malls is fine. I am not worried about the mynews13.com weather. At some point it is going to rain, and it might be late night Christmas eve, which is what is in the forecast.

Darwin M.