Top Attractions to do in Orlando

Try the Mini Golf Course
It looks like a good shot and it will be all smiles if it drops in the hole. go

Great area for all ages
Loving to save money and have a great time, the city of Orlando offers so much more, you just need to do a bit of homework. go

Eating Goodies
My list of ingredients includes whole grain bread, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, tomato sliced, lettuce, romaine, roast beef, hard salami, pepperoni, black forest ham, smoked turkey, pastrami, sharp cheddar cheese, and swiss cheese. go

Top Disney for Children
It's nice that they put in quite a few different play areas for small children. go

I believe they have eight lanes, or it might be 10, as this is a competition straight down the hill. go

Orlando Eye
What an area for all of the good times whether you're up in the air or down below checking out the scene. go

Newbie Guide to the Orlando Attractions
The Odditorium is a good thing to do, located at 8201 International Drive. go

Lakeside Shopping
It's a good place for those that like to indulge in some alcohol cocktails and party. go


Weekend Planning

Hotels on International Drive
Having the orlando-eye across the street is excellent. go

Never ending Treats for the Family
We love different ideas for a Disney day. go

Hot Fast Food to Go
Wawa is here! go

Hamburger Cafe
This is the place to get something really good like the spicy chicken sandwich, or the grilled chicken classic. go

Thrill Rides at the Theme Parks
In some parts of Florida, NASCAR is huge. go

Japan Showcase
In our opinion, Epcot Japan is the place for food at Disney. go

Biggest Zoo in Orlando
This town sure knows how to toss a daily party. go

So many Small Text Notices

I have put the follow text to show the fine print on the universal ticket. Discounted Florida resident preferred pass is for purchase and use by Florida residents only. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Universal Orlando and universal parks and resorts vacations reserve the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, whether such error is on this website or any print or other advertisement relating to these products and services. Additional restrictions may apply and will just magically appear. Additional restrictions may apply. All prices, package inclusions and options subject to availability and to change without notice. Valid Florida photo id required for Theme Park entry. All benefits subject to availability and to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts, and discounted renewed passes. Additional restrictions apply. Pass is valid for one year from date of first use for one guest admission during regular Theme Park operating hours. Flexible payment option requires down payment and eleven monthly payments. Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable and may not be copied or resold. Does not include admission to separately ticketed events, such as halloween horror nights and rock the universe or venues within either Theme Park, Universal Citywalk, or on-site hotels. No one has time to read this small print.

Donnie K.

Top Picks

I think it will be better to come up tomorrow morning as All-Star Sports has lots of rooms, so we can book today or tomorrow. Last minute Orlando Hotel discounts are the way to go. I want to work on the computer tonight so I can give the Bread Box at Citywalk my full attention to eating, plus the Hard Rock Cafe is excellent. For going out for drinks what about cafe?

Has anyone done an Orlando restaurant review outlining the menu and beer offerings? We will do it if we make it there tomorrow evening.

We always seem to be going at the last minute and never can figure out our plans and enough detail. Ideally you would want to know exactly what you're gonna do each day and each afternoon plus each evening so there's no wasting time at the hotel trying to figure stuff out on your tablet looking up menus and things like that.

Have a plan on the way, so when you get here you can head straight to your favorite Theme Park, which for me is Hollywood Studios because of The great Movie Ride is Awesome.

Mac I.

Central Florida

Hey Stuart, Altamonte Springs is ok, parts of it are gorgeous, but it is really small-town america, so not my thing. I bought this house when I was working up there in the mid 90s and refurbished it completely and it has been a rental house since. I am doing some work on it myself right now so I go up there most weekends and work, can't decide if I'm going to sell it when I'm done or keep renting it. Being close to mid town Orlando is good for sure plus is there for the food.

Orlando dating is good for the archie bunker, he is was in detroit or somewhere else really cold. My first second date over the weekend, then a 3rd. The guy and I've been friends with for a while after meeting in the line to Space Mountain ride. Super nice, but so young, he's several years younger than me, so not sure we are in the same place, but fun while it lasts, I guess.

Clay O.

Exploring Orlando

Gearing up for a great trip to Disney World then to Melbourne Beach. Ok, Florida Travel Commander, you can come up tomorrow afternoon. Please keep in mind that I am working on the patio area at the Beach Club Resort. I painted from eleven am to six pm today. I should be done tomorrow, and then I get free food as work comp.

Please bring up some beer so we do not have to go to the total wine Orlando store. Keep in mind, stores will close early on Wednesday and be closed on Thursday. Since it is new years, liquor stores will be packed all over central Florida around Disney. I am going to run some errands tomorrow morning and then work on the patio in the afternoon. It is fun working and playing in Orlando at Mickey Mouse land.

Marissa J.