These are some of the top Orlando venues for entertainment

Everything is Built for Speed
I love the adult rides and it's too bad they decided to do away with the Disney Speedway. go

Skill Test
Friday is the best day for ESPN at Disney, you can see lots of the sportscenter stars and get autographs. go

Cowboys and Cowgirls Rodeo
It takes a while to be able to see all of the creative daily events. go

Burritos at Disney
Very good are the grilled steak nachos, the best in Orlando. go

Showcase of Restaurants
Mostly we do the fast food places because we want to keep on the go and we like to take her food and sit outside on the patio out by the lake and watch the people go by. go

My kids are 5 and 8. go

Street Concert Dance Show
The folks that do the high school cheerleaders musical are outstanding and a great event to see. go

Special are the Far away Lands
It really is a good way to go, just don't buy anything expensive, the small portion. go


Classic Attractions

Orlando Hotels are all about the Swimming Pools
Go ahead and get your camera out because you've arrived on Disney property, so you need to be ready to take a lots of digital photography and video. go

Soaking Up the Disney Beach Sun
You have to try one of the upper end Disney Hotels at least a couple of times to get the true picture of the fun. go

Ladies Booking Orlando
Gold level service is part of what you are paying for at the Swan Resort. go

Swimming Pool
It's an amazing place with everything you can imagine not just for kids but adults. go

Hotel Treasure Chest
The menu at the food center has tandoori shrimp and a create your own pasta dish. go

Really Liked the Hotel Experience
Choose from the Tropically Themed Orlando Resorts is fun thing. go

Super Clean
We had the best trip ever to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort, which is a moderate resort that has a little bit of everything including the wonderful boat taxi rides at the marina. go

The Best of Orlando for Families

What is the hot ticket for Fun in Orlando. You cannot go wrong with any the today's top ten list. (1) Disney's Main Street electrical parade (2) Festival of the Lion King (3) Cirque du Soleil la nouba (4) Block Party dance festival (5) It's Tough to be a Bug (6) Believe at SeaWorld (7) Fantasmic (8) Wishes nighttime spectacular (9) Extreme Stunt Show (10) Epcot illuminations. These are the Best of Orlando for Families.

Audrey P.

A Super Thing

Sneaking off for an afternoon meant today was crazy, but that is okay because I actually like crazy. They want me to take the idea for my special pops Disney league to other municipalities throughout the state, maybe even serve on a task force. Disney events are part of what happens. Which is Awesome and cool and yeah, but not sure where that one is going to fit into the already jam packed schedule? The super bowl mvp comes here every year. Oh well I will figure it out. In a kind of cool thing, I had a meeting this afternoon with two people from the governor's office. Wide World of Sports is a super thing. Big stars come to Orlando, even the governor. Kids Love sports and the All-Star Sports Resort.

Devin T.