There is something special about bbq at a waterfront bar

Order the Key Lime Martini
A try winner every time. go

Alcohol and Cocktails spots by Mallory Square
I do not need to update you as the festival activities each night are simply amazing. go

Where to go if you are on a Diet
A nice mix with grilled chicken breast, salad greens, tomatoes, red onions, red peppers, cucumbers, and mushrooms, all in a low-carb large soft tortilla. go

Beach Burgers in Paradise
Take a look on the walls around the restaurant and you will see all the awards this place has one. go

Proven Winners in Key West
Do not miss the coconut races! go

Finest Food Views on the Island
You can get any of the sandwich on hot toasted Cuban Bread. go

Uses a Southern Pride Smoker Oven
Close to the Schooner Bar, and they really do a good job by starting the music off early (noon), a nice time at Schooner Wharf Key West Florida! go

Blue Plate Dinner Specials
My favorite blue plate specials include the baked meatloaf and the lasagna. go


Delicious Menu

Where Luxury and Affordability Meet
Key to picking out a rental is to make sure you have your priorities in order. go

How the Shopping Went
Tropical sportswear for men, women and children starts at the feet. go

Key West Boater Hotel
Your boat is secure as you will be using all four corners to hold your boat in position when docked. go

End of the Rainbow Landmark
The court house building next to the sign is special on its own, so be sure to look closely at its architecture. go

How to Identify Key West Landmarks
Many people just walk by so briskly, they are missing out on this city's great treasures. go

La Casa Cuba
Everywhere we went we got a fancy keys meal that was delicious. go

Key West Beach Trolley Stop and Swim
The swim is nice and so is The Cafe next door. go

Making Restaurant Decisions

I noticed all the good restaurants have these cute little plates that are made out of plastic. I did some research, or am trying to do it now. It looks like there's some key things you need in a good plate and stoneware is not it, but it's too heavy and breaks. What we want out of a good plastic plate is the ability to resist scratching from use. Of course it needs to resist chipping or breaking when dropped. If you run over the plate with your automobile tire, that doesn't count! Most important of all is it needs to be cleaned in the dishwasher, and will resist degrading in the dishwasher if dishwasher-safe. Everybody needs to reheat things, so it must be used in the microwave oven. I think it's a big deal that you want plates that are dishwasher and microwave safe. They should hold up even if you use sharp steak knives, so you don't see any slices in the bottom. Of course stain resistance is a big thing, even if you forget to wash them and they said overnight with barbecue sauce on them. Right away I knew one thing was out, because you can never use melamine plates in the microwave. I sure hope that means I'm not back to stoneware!

Edwin S.

Wine and Seafood

Pay attention to your wine bottle, as you can get bad wine every now and then. Cork is able to expand to fully fill the neck of the bottle, which therefore is a big positive. Wine corks have problems periodically. A cork is essential, as it keeps oxygen out of the wine bottle. Cork, due to its malleable nature may have imperfections. You do not want to be the unlucky person, but it is just odds. Bad cork can result in the seal of the bottle not being as airtight as it could be and the wine being spoiled. This can happen at Braza Lena or the Cafe Marquesa. Even high end locations you book via Recently, however, many wine experts have recognized that cork may actually cause more problems than it solves. In an attempt to avoid this problem, modern cork manufacturers may treat the cork with a chemical called tva. If a bottle of wine is not airtight then it may become oxidized and undrinkable. You can tell when you taste it. Keeping a wine bottle sealed is probably the most important factor when it comes to maintaining a good wine. It the preferred option for special wines that need to be stored, over a long period of time. Exposed to air, chemicals can cause the wine to taste and smell a little damp and musty. The only corks worth considering were those actually made of cork!

Emilie E.