There are lots of hidden rewards and surprises

Water Park Family Day
I think the best thing is to go during the day when the Orlando school system has classes in session. go

No charge for those that have an annual pass and only the larger events have special event fees. go

Festival of Arts
November has blessed us with some really great weather for past events, and it is timed nicely to be in the beginning of the holiday gift buying season. go

Seeing the Disney Movie Stars
I have noticed that lots of little children seem to crowd around the pal mickey display area. go

Rides for Boys and Girls
Boys and girls will enjoy it a bunch and you get so close while waiting for your turn. go

All about Movie Making
If you want to get involved, sit in the middle close to the front and be prepared to wave your hand. go

Be a Star in the Show
It is great to do, so raise your hand to volunteer. go

Finding the Disney World music could not be any easier with three shows daily. go


Ride Trip Reviews

Review of the Grand Floridian
While everything is very plush, this hotel is loaded with free activities and is all smiles for kids and adults. go

Resorts near Disney
The best thing about staying at one of the Disney Resorts is the fact that the places are always busy and have a good vibe. go

Hotel Transportation
People do not want to waste a lot of time. go

Hotel Bungalow in the Woods
The resort is themed to evoke the atmosphere of the pacific northwest, and includes both natural and native american elements. go

Do the Disney Hotels have Refrigerators
The stacy TV channel is packaged TV that gets you so excited for your Disney day. go

Hotels at Disney
It is very pleasurable, and not just for your children. go

Swimming Pool
You have to be a little more like a child if you're an adult when you're having fun and doing the activities. go

The Theme Parks

People ask all the time about the different ways you can save when you come to the city of the theme parks. The lucky folks in Florida are the ones that really get the deals. Number one for anybody that lives here in the state, they always can get the Florida resident resort hotel discount and Theme Park discount. Disney World has a whole section of their website focused on the Florida resident. All you need to do is go to google and search for Disney World Florida Resident Discount program. Once you get inside everything is all fun. They have military and veteran discounts for the Theme Parks and the Shades of Green hotel. I always tell people don't bother with the preferred rooms, all of the rooms are great. Being located an extra thirty five seconds closer to the Food Court is not really necessary.

Austin I.

Mickey Mouse Nut

That is great Florida Travel Commander, as the walking at the theme parks is great fitness. Lion King kitty is settled in now. I guess he had a busy play morning, as they only did two shows, not three. I am working out hard and I lost three pounds last week from all the Theme Park walking. I have many more to go but I am on the right track for the Fort Wilderness Camping in a colemen tent weekend.

I love the pretty trees and decorations at Epcot Theme Park, so oh pooh! Just get your free mulch and leave the tree picking to me. Yes, this is it the green thumb Disney World plant sale and it is huge! I didn't realize it is two days long and it is from 9-4 both days. What a huge event, and free mulch too. Be sure to bring some garbage bags to take home some free mulch! Yeah to the rain. The little trees are getting their first rain yeah!

Today is an anniversary day, a big day for some. Today is the anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park. Disney World is planning a handful of Special Events for may one to mark the anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

Jerrold C.