There are lots of Disney deals in the free Orlando tourist magazine

Boat Rides
The Magic Kingdom is my top favorite place in Orlando to go with the kids. go

Best Spots with Kids
The improved Fantasyland expansion is twice as big as the older version, which was a blast too. go

Guests get the Best Rewards
Another fine swan stay, and we are still learning. go

Learn Something at Disney
The Florida plants a pretty flexible if you are a Floridian and want a unique kind of front or backyard experience. go

Little Mermaid Show
The best part of the show happens after, as kids get to say hi and exchange greeting with her live! go

Movie Studios Show
You will see so much of the original ways they made movies here, and I am talking about some of the biggest names in the Disney Movies. go

Going Down the Wet Mountain
This park stays open really late in the summer, often to midnight or 2am. go

Sports Complex
All children will smile bright when they see the nice ball parks and soccer fields. go


All Smiles Day

Coolest of the Local Campgrounds
They have cool activities like archery lessons and Segway Tours. go

Taking the Bus
It can get busy right after the Magic Kingdom evening fireworks, when you're trying to get back to the hotel. go

Top Ten Hotel
You can checkout international drive and take advantage of the annual pass, just loving the slides. go

Pool Time
This tropical resort is just a short monorail ride to Disney. go

We Could Not Have Been Happier
Typically we would start and end our day around the swimming pool entertainment. go

Swimming Pools
At the schoolyard sprayground little ones can splash safely along with nemo and friends. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
My favorite is the grilled mahi salad mixed with tomatoes, beans, and vinegar dressing topped with red peppers. go

Impressed with the Rides

This website is great for keeping up with all of the Disney Special Events, maps, hours, and directions. The best way to is contact Disney with specific questions not listed in the faqs. We have been so impressed with the rides at the Magic Kingdom, the new things. Take a journey out onto the sea fantasy heading for a magical location. Pleasures are doing the fastest of the zoom rides!

Derek S.

Disney Ideas

We are staying at al-tuh-mont springs! A fancy place right next to the winghouse and golf so we need to get the coupon. Do a quick kitty chase in honor of al-tuh-mont springs. Chase that Lion King kitty please.

Rene J.