The list of Key West restaurants is outstanding

Loving the Variety of Key West Bars
How many sports themed bars in Florida are for live music daily. go

Sunday and Monday all night Happy Hours
So you now have a great option and the place to be on Sunday and Monday nights. go

Florida Keys All-Natural Ice-Cream
We just have to rave over the flavors, and you can get something completely different each time. go

Bars with a Sweet Vibe
Going out to restaurants when you're in a tourist district means you can take advantage of coupons and discounts for just about every meal possible. go

Best View Bar
It is close to the tennis courts and they have music, but they close early at 8:00pm. go

One of the Island Sports Bars
The Seared Tuna Salad is pure magic, just the right dish for and island style vacation. go

Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cakes
You get to have the really healthy salads or go crazy with some fried grouper and french fries. go

Burgers and Steaks
Definitely the haystack chicken salad is supreme and worth every dime. go


Meals Menu

Yes, this is not just for dogs. go

Hotels by the beaches of Key West
Such a fine stay, it was a big pleasure to book here for our five nights in September. go

Better ideas for Island Hotels
We just love the eco-friendly nature at the Banyan Key West. go

Staying on Duval Street Downtown
We go here every trip, it is amazing to party and chat. go

Good things to do with Children in Key West
Yes, the Schooner Western Union is the island's famous tall ship and you can ride on-board. go

Where to go if you are lost
They have heard it all before. go

Art Gallery in Key West
We like to do a lot of browsing on the first couple of days, then make the purchases after being sure of the standouts. go


Yummy Foods and Restaurants

Meals Menu

There are some really restaurants to pick from on the islands. The Egg Rolls are very good at China express. The pizza was great at southernmost pizza cafe. Eating is a big part of the Florida Keys Vacation experience.

Sallie H.