The kaleidoscope of Disney Fun options is limitless

Riverboat Landing Island Tour
We have discovered that a little bit of preplanning, makes the whole trip here a lot better. go

Perfect for some Sports Competition
You can catch pro games or more likely a softball, football, or soccer tournament. go

American Showcase
What makes the american pavilion special is the focus on the birth of the usa. go

Fish and Chips Restaurant
We really enjoy the fish and chips at the Rose and Crown Pub dining room. go

What Adventures with Action and Comedy
They know how to have fun at Disney world. go

Rides for Boys and Girls
My kids want to ride it every visit, being 4 and 5 now. go

Adults and Children both have big smiles at Future World
The food choices are endless and the kids learn stuff here, such as the ride through the Future World Greenhouse. go

Theater Restaurant
So funny is getting roller skate food service at this wonderful Disney restaurant. go


Excellent Choices

Hotels near Disney
Nice are the marble counter tops in the bathroom, bigger mirror, and real art decor on the walls. go

Finding a Room
Both of them offers a fabulous mix of upscale bars, Disney gift shops, dining, and live music venues. go

Walking Pathways
This is a winner for all those with little tiny kids. go

Sassagoula River
Every time you want to go somewhere it is as simple as walking out to the boat docks and waiting for the boat taxi to take you. go

Fine Stay
My son brought his Sector 9 Longboard and had a lot of fun cruising the resort sidewalks. go

Book a Disney Reservation
If you plan to spend time at the pool, request a room in the magnolia wing. go

Fishing at the Disney Hotel
You'll enjoy coming home to the hotel's spacious outdoor areas, with lots to do, and very darn-right-relaxing accommodations. go


A Supreme Pleasure

Excellent Choices

It is a pleasure to come down on this special weekend to have a Disney park visit. We love the Star Wars Weekend and the ESPN the Weekend show. It is a special time and they add a bunch of extra things to see and do. The main thing is always looking for the discounts, and you need to start about a month ahead of time before you are planning to be here. Especially with the Disney Hotel rooms, you can get better deals if you look out in the future a little bit. The same thing goes for the weekly condo rentals in the area of Lake Buena Vista. If you can go out as far as two months to six months, you can really get some good values in the summer season. Make sure you pick a hotel that's near the Theme Park you're going to be targeting. It was a dream weekend when we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside and that was the same time they had the chalk Art contest at Disney Springs. Having a Boat Taxi to take you back and forth is a supreme pleasure.

Lucas Y.