The food is outstanding in the World Showcase Restaurant Row

Some of the new things to see here include the double dumbo ride, circus train station, and the great goofy and a big splashable water zone for the kids to cool off. go

Echo Lake Hollywood Studios
What a great blend of fun and intrigue, perfect for all ages. go

Prime Time Songs and Dance
During the day time you do not want to miss any of the live shows. go

Sweet Treats for all Ages
Of course you get a cherry on the very top, what else would it be! go

Finding Some Fun on the Waterfront
Practice relaxation strategies to feel better, like hitting the swimming pool water after the park visits. go

Delicious Hamburgers
Eating outside at Disney is absolutely fantastic. go

Round and Round
I love this ride in Tomorrowland. go

Rollercoaster in the Dark
We just love Space Mountain, where you ride in the dark. go


Happy with Mickey

Swimming Pool
Home base can be a disney orlando cheapie! go

Very Special places to stay in Orlando
The furniture was nice, but better yet is the hotel swimming pool. go

Exceptional Florida Escapes to Orlando
Experience your own african safari adventure at the hotel. go

Magnolia Golf Course Resort
Everyone loves the party vibe in Orlando Florida at a Disney resort. go

Fancy hits a Higher Level
Walking through the lobby is a treat and we go to do it before Christmas last year. go

The Spa Services were exceptional
It is one of the top picks for mickey hotels. go

Take a tour before you book
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Crazy Things Happen

Just back from All-Star Sports Resort and it is the perfect color mix. I want to do the same in my kitchen, similar to the bathroom back Splash and sink area. On the kitchen cabinets, the key will be to limit the first round to just the smallest area. Not the whole kitchen. The three cabinets above the dishwasher seem like the likely target. Goal one would be to get just that done, then move forward. Making a kitchen look like Disney is a good thing. During the painting I will play things like rock lobster! Getting ideas from walt is a good thing. If it fails to work, drop me into Barefoot Bay!

Antone F.

Really Good Ideas

Orlando is primetime at Christmas and wow so good is disney stuff. Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about the candy snack snag season at work for you! I so much loved all the different things you got for us to taste during the Magic Kingdom October halloween dessert making contest. I believe you got second place, a silver medal! That was treats for three weeks after for me.

Please get you ziplock bags and take them to put in your office desk, to keep things fresh. The goodies should go from the breakroom to the zip lock bag! Fresh is good, and Christmas is the best of snack season for Orlando trips.

This reminded me to look at your spider cake second place, but really first place photo. It is ninety six dots per square inch and it would be nice to turn that up, if we can. Most likely it is just a setting. Let's look at it over the holidays, when we are driving down the I-4 highway road and it is a good time to go through the camera menu and understand it fully.

We should make chili or get Disney chili or something good the night before. Chili is a good winter thing and you make the best ever chili. I so much enjoy eating at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary for the vibe and flavors. If you want me to make something instead, since your busy, that is fine too. Snack season snag is here at Disney All-Star Sports Resort.

Cesar N.