The drink menu is awesome with a bunch of fruity recipes

Pit Stops for Key West Adult Cocktails
He is so friendly and funny too! go

Start with Smoked Fish Dip
We always have to catch up on our Miami sports teams and in the evenings this is where to go. go

Under the Trees Bar
Our first time, and it is very close to the those who stayed at a Shipyard condo. go

Atlantic Boulevard Beach Cafe
Right next to the famous Higgs Beach is the salute restaurant and bar. go

Best of the Resort Bars
Open daily with good food and all the fancy frozen drinks made famous down here in the Florida Keys. go

Outdoor Dining is Extra Unique
Desserts and breads are baked fresh in the kitchen and sold at the attached store. go

Cuban Coffee
Cheap prices and excellent food is what makes this place so popular. go

Big Winner for Daily Live Music
It's always fun during the week or two before you head down here to check out their webcam which is located directly in front of the main entrance to the restaurant. go


Chef World

What a great island with lots of things to keep each day exciting. go

Browse All Sorts of Stuff
The ladies arrival outfit is Comfy Jeans, with a Beach Sleeve Shirt and Sandals. go

Duval Street Circus Odditorium
Oh, Mel Fisher Treasure Tour is top notch to see for sure. go

2001 South Roosevelt Boulevard
If you have any special requests, you can let them know ahead of time and they will help you out. go

Shopping Market
It is all here at Mallory Square. go

Quickie Stop Beer Store
Island life is so nice since you can buy a beer and carry it with you walking around legally. go

Always Drink in a Plastic Cup
We always make drinks ahead of time in our hotel room before we go out to save some cash. go

Old Fashioned Cuban Black Beans

I have been perfecting the slow cooker black beans to be just like they make in Key Largo at the marlin cuban restaurant. The key seems to be pre-seasoning and stirring all the spices to dilute them, thereby getting absorbed into the dry beans. As they soak, the flavors go into the beans. I cook them down to hardly any liquid, just a bit of bean sauce. Florida Travel Commander is going to make you Marlin Restaurant style black beans, which are super on nachos, in wraps, and all the rest.

Zelda U.

Cat Fried Shrimp

Let me start by saying the China Garden Cafe is the best southernmost restaurant. I am going to make you some shrimp fried rice to go with the Egg Rolls! That is right, all with the fancy ingredients like bean sprouts. Even better than China Garden Cafe. Might as well go big for leftovers. I will make a whole bunch so we can put a bunch in the zip lock freezer bags. You can give kitty a spoon full of shrimp-fried-rice each day. He will like it better than your moist mix. I would assume brown wheat rice, shrimp, and veggies would be very good for cats. I am sure by now you have asked your vet about feeding shrimp-fried-rice. We can sell it on the pet isle at Publix, shrimp-fried-rice-for-cats. The brand name can be cat fried shrimp.

Jana C.

Happy with the Spicy Recipe

I have to say that your spaghetti recipe is right up there with the best of italian food! There is something special about the super good mix of spices. We are lucky to have so many good restaurants to pick from. Catman Kitty does not want moist food for a treat, he wants a tablespoon of the spaghetti sauce. On the menu tonight is the best ever tomato sauce dish. Anywhere with seafood spaghetti is a good pick.

Tory T.