The colorful island new years collection is here

Art Gallery in Key West
Not only in the shops will you see fine offerings, but also displayed at various locations in Public Places. go

Funky Keys Trinkets make nice gifts
When it starts heating up and it is time to cool off, out comes the list of the Key West cool spots! go

Downtown PADI 5-Star Store
Stop in after you check in to your hotel, since it is right in the area you will be in anyway. go

Downtown Art Center
The waterfront scenes are the best. go

Must See Shops on Southernmost Vacations
It takes a while to look at the many pieces, and pick the right one for you. go

Designing Florida Beach Towels
We use the extra large size to take to the beach to lay on. go

My favorite Lime Juice Shop
So simple and tasty is the Key Lime Pie. go

Buy Something on a Whim
Sometimes the artists fall or the tricks go wrong, perfect or off a little, it is still a great time. go


Shopping Trip

Bus Transportation Connections
We had a super time and the bus system works very well, with plenty of maps, connections and times posted for easy reading consumption. go

Girls go Topless
This swimming pool bar is the rage, and it just makes sense. go

Top Rated Hotels
What a great party happening daily at the hotel's fantastic beachside swimming pool. go

Classic Cocktails With All the Extras
Home to some of the very best grey goose vodka martinis, the vibe at the club is excellent. go

Landmarks to see on the Tour
Many people just walk by so briskly, they are missing out on this city's great treasures. go

Fell in love with the Caribbean Hammock Chairs
It is just amazing how a nice porch swing or hammock swing can add mega spice to your backyard life. go

Great Ocean Views to Wake Up To
You can pay more for oceanfront rooms, but that seemed like a bit of a waste. go

Shopping is our Favorite Thing to Do

Becareful when you buy island gifts online. Report any issues immediately. Whenever these kinds of events happen, you can depend on us to diligently watch over your security. The recent theft of credit and debit card data from Publix and other merchants affected hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting Florida Keys shoppers. In the event your Florida Keys bank account is compromised, we'll act quickly to alert you by phone or email and reissue credit and debit cards. Florida Keys bank debit and credit cards have zero liability protection, which reimburses you for any unauthorized charges in accordance with the policy. We continuously monitor your online and mobile accounts and alert you about any suspicious activity. You have the commitment to continuously enhance the security measures to help prevent cybercrime from happening to you. Together, we'll remain vigilant to protect your online security.

Amado B.

Donna the Key West Shopper

People wanted to get the incite on donna-the-key-west-shopper. She had a few issues this month regarding health and beer consumption at captain tonys. Here is the scope on donna-the-key-west-shopper in her words. From donna, I get my new phone delivered from amazon on Wednesday. I stayed home from work today because I have a very bad cold. I am taking a lot of medicine. I have been sneezing my head off. I am making progress with new job. The recruiter is working to get me in at the hyatt mile marker zero. I passed the first phone interview with blooming key lime brands last week. Count me in on Friday to lead the Mile Marker 24 Band at the beef fest. Donna-the-key-west-shopper is coming back!

Elbert L.

Duval Street Camera

Duval Street Camera is the best place in Key West. All discounts amounts are off of msrp. Orders will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Prices are valid for a limited time and availability is subject to change without notice. Duval Street camera is not responsible for typographical or descriptive errors on advertised products. Quantities are limited on certain products and deals are valid while supplies last. There is not a better place in the Florida Keys for video needs like Duval Street camera.

Kimberley Z.