The Big Resorts are so Fun to stay and Explore

Orlando Resorts for Golf
If you want to be super close to Disney Springs, ask for a spot in congress park. go

Grand Floridian Swimming Pool
I also like a piano in the lobby. go

Deluxe Hotel
I'm a big fan of the Florida Keys theming and the super swimming pool play. go

Swimming Pool
Disney put a lot of effort into this one and it shows. go

Orlando Rollercoaster Hotel
Good advice was your article on the hardrock hotel Orlando. go

Shower Time
It seems kind of funny for me to take a photograph of the all-star resort bathtub and shower area, but everybody wants to know everything about the hotels. go

Exploring Disney Hotel Properties
You can't go wrong with the french quarter, especially with no dui driving to nightlife. go

Coronado Springs Review
Everybody's got a love all of the different swimming pools, starting with the big one in the front. go


Vacation Hotel Picker

Golf Course Hotel
With so many Orlando hotels, it is so easy to bypass some of the more unique places to stay in the area. go

Magic Kingdom Speed Track
Going fast is what kind of Disney fun we are always in the mood for. go

Bus Lines
To the main bus lines, there's the I-Ride Trolley system that's in the Universal Citywalk area. go

What a Great Area to Have Fun
At Disney your family can go backstage to the zoo animal housing areas. go

When you get Hungry
Remember if you're looking for the best priced place, you might pick something like Del Taco, but if you're looking for an experience, this is the spot. go

Summer is Trip Season
Inquire when you call for reservations about the hotel swimming pool temperature and heating. go

Orlando's Top Shopping Plaza is a Hoot
This is just the best place to eat in Orlando. go


Your Hotel

Vacation Hotel Picker

The Disney Transportation works pretty darn good as long as you understand it and have the schedule. I really don't mind driving the car, specially during the day when were not to be drinking any alcohol. You can buzz over in your car and that way you can keep the cooler inside with extra food and cold drinks, since you're allowed to exit the Theme Park. It's nice to get a full meal and it's cheaper if you have your own lunch. There's nothing wrong with taking a twenty minute break and going out to the parking lot to get your meal or whatever you couldn't pack in the original bag that you took inside. We take a lot of breaks and we're here, and if you're close to your hotel, you can even pop back into your room. The Beach Club Hotel is really good because you're right next Epcot. The same thing goes for the Boardwalk Inn resort, Swan Resort, and the Yacht Club Resort.

Kaitlyn C.