The area is loaded with top flight resorts

Pirate Ship Swimming Pool
My personal favorite was the pizza, and shutters restaurant had great food menu picks. go

Great Choice for a Weekend Getaway
It was really nice, and we loved every minute of it. go

Middle Tier Disney Hotel
Selecting Orlando hotels is easier these days with more choices and more freedom to get a deal. go

Quality Budget Hotel List
The best extra the food, since the free breakfast was excellent, above the expectations. go

Personal Comforts near Playtime
I look at the photographs on the website and it just gets me psyched up. go

Splash Play Hotel Winners
We had a blast and do recommend the Disney hotels. go

Picking a Swimming Resort
It is very similar to a subset of the Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark. go

Registration is an easy Process
Get your pass and be on your way to the actions of the theme parks or first jump in the extra large swimming pool. go


Honeymoon Helper

Kaleidoscope of Disney Fun
Go early in the morning to get in more of the popular rides. go

Boat Transportation
The hours of operation start an hour before the attraction opens and an hour after is when they stop. go

Drinking the Epcot Beer
Adults can sip on cocktails while walking around the Theme Parks. go

Motorcycle Shop
They are trendy and have that classic look to give you something special, it's the confidence that the harley davidson brand provides. go

Hamburger and Fries
If you're in the area of sand lake road International Drive then you definitely have to stop at the world's largest McDonald's and get up hamburger. go

Flaming Wok
You have to get a hotel that has a little miniature kitchen area, so you can take advantage of the restaurant leftovers which are so yummy about three or four hours later when that hunger sensation hits you again. go

The Brick Oven
The pizza is cooked at six hundred degrees, so you have absolutely perfect pizza every time and it only takes about two minutes to cook. go

Music at the Swimming Pool

Be warned, dj beach bum Florida Travel Commander at the hotel pool is playing a lot of the 60s to 80s nicely loud for Dancing around the place! On the radio speakers is the beatles 60s to 80s, paul mccartney singing day tripper. I trimmed a bunch of the bushes, so leave the kitty up there. No, please do not bring the kitty this trip, even though this is a bunny, kitty, and now black-bears paradise. Nature is supreme in Florida. On the radio: oh stormy, oh stormy, bring back that sunny day! Bring back that sunny day. Life is good at the Disney pools.

Corrine C.

Hotels around the Disney Area

There are a lot of good for your health hotels around the Disney area because you get to swim all the time in the wonderful pools. Last year we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and can only say wonderful things about it. If you have not had an opportunity to stay right at the Disney area and on one of the Disney properties, you have to do that the first time. I am a Marriott rewards participant and therefore I get a discount or I can go for free if I use my rewards points. We decided to stay at the World Center Marriott this past week and were extremely happy. Of course we'd rather be over there at maybe the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but this is free by using your rewards points and we could not pass set up. The main thing in this town is to make the most of your day and don't fool around by going to Sit Down breakfast places. The sit town breakfast places are always so busy and you'll end up wasting an hour. You need to get over to the theme parks and be there fifteen minutes before they open up so you can take advantage of the first three hours when they ride lines of the lowest.

Julia G.