Some of the Neat Treasures are Tucked away on the Island

Fun in the Upper Florida Keys
Big thanks to the Visitor's Center, the staff is so helpful. go

Oceanfront is the Way to Go
Rear rooms have a good view all the way to the Reef Lighthouse. go

Eco-friendly electric cars
Plus they are quiet now too. go

Treasures you pick Out
You will set a lot of great Lobster Shack Style all over the many Florida Keys Resorts. go

Key West Vacation Surprises
If you are making plans to come down and vacation in Key West during this weekend festival, you are in luck! go

October Events in Key West
They let you drink in the streets. go

Most Important Thing for a Florida Keys Trip
As long as you are staying in the main four mile zone, there are no bridges to cross. go

Eating Good Seafood
Healthy food is here and you just need to pack it down with ice or right inside the RV freezer. go


Off the Path

Party Bars for Happy Hours
This is one place you have to stop and enjoy. go

Big Fan of the Fish Tacos
We are all about 40s, and this town just puts us in the mood for fun. go

Regular Season Starts August 6th
Hotels and the boat ramps are packed, so plan ahead to get in a room reservation. go

Sheepshead are a fun fish to catch
Circle Hooks are required now by the FWC, it helps protect fish and makes catching them a lot more likely than the old style hook. go

The Dolphin Center on Grassy Key
This is a great family event, one of the best around the islands. go

Photo Framing Experts
The wood foundation coming from weathered lobster traps is just the perfect idea. go

Florida Keys Fishing Hotel
One Hour from Miami is a good thing. go

Always some new Surprises

All is fine here on Key Colony Beach. I do a 8am house walk around each day, plus pick weeds on the way. Right now I am very busy picking the weeds in the backyard. Hurry back to pick your own weeds! Why would anyone leave the Florida Keys and go somewhere else on vacation! Ok, that sounds great on the improvements at the Seven Mile Bridge. I am making food for the weekend too, food to go with the burgers. We can raise a lot of money to help save the Old Seven Mile Bridge Park.

Arline Y.

Keep your Eyes Open

The only thing to worry about as a Florida Keys home owner is a power outage. Florida Travel Commander, you are the best. I can't thank you enough for the offer to host a overnight party. What a friend. I think jim and I can muster through the next week or so without ac unless it gets into the 100s. Look at all the money we are saving. We are on our third estimate for a new unit, so it should not be too long for us to pick one of them and get the show on the road. Thanks for the suggestion of the cheap air conditioner units of the Lower Florida Keys.

Porfirio N.

Good Times

I respect all that you have been through as the Florida Keys is a tough place to live. Good times and challenges make for a complete life! For me now, my goal is just to help others. Do anything I can to help friends, neighbors or the homeless. I save water, electricity and recycle everything possible. I take my onion bad parts and toss it into the yard for the critters like the Big Pine Key deer! My motto is life is best helping, rather than self reflecting on old news! Go dallas cowboys, two minutes left in the game vs seattle! It is time to head to the Sunset Grille Sports Bar.

Blanca A.