Hidden spots you do not want to miss in the Florida Keys

Trips to Key West
One suggestion is to stop at the Winn-Dixie grocery store on the way down so you can buy your food at a cheaper price. go

Better than a Five Hour Energy Drink
This is special here and he is on the local and national video news all of the time. go

Yummy Grilled Fish is the Prize
Smile Susie for the camera, you just caught a prized Trigger Fish! go

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Locations
Motor boats are farther offshore since it is very shallow for about three hundred yards out into the ocean. go

So fun are the Pennekamp Reef Trips
This place is fantastic. go

Recreation has a home along the Waterfront
It is amazing busy everything can get in such a hurry. go

Florida Reef Shark Center
One of my favorite parts of the aquarium is the feeding of the sharks. go

Go with the Florida Freeze Cocktail
Then, walk around and find your spot. go


For Entertainment

Bait Shop Hours 7am to 7pm
This is the place to get a light duty spinning rod-reel, the tool of trade in the Florida Keys. go

Handcrafted Works of the Mayan Artisans
I have to say how nice it is to have so many out of the country gifts. go

Working Out
Staying in shape is super for having greater muscle strength and mass. go

Water Sports Stuff
Most of the boats that go out focus on light tackle fishing using live bait, it is a thrill. go

Sightseeing in Key West
Just wait until you start the tour and see the natural beauty that surrounds the Audubon House. go

Grouper Sandwich or Crispy Lobster Sandwich
We always get the chowder and the fresh catch too! go

The best of waterfront sightseeing
This is a video we took at the Bayside Grill in Key Largo. go


A good Time

For Entertainment

I can guarantee you a good time and you'll see some sharks if you go out boating in the Florida Keys! All you need to do is use the kayak, but I have to admit the motorboat is very entertaining. We went out last weekend from the West Card Sound Ramp at mile marker 110. This is a one lane single boat ramp on the west side of card sound bridge. It is nice being in so much nature, and this is pretty remote for some people. Perhaps a better choice for families and those with children with a boat, go down to the Caribbean Club Ramp at mile marker 104. Perfect for any boater is a double lane launch access next to the bar at 104075 Overseas Highway, on the bayside of us1. The kayak rental place is right next-door. Very popular is the Pennekamp Boat Ramp. This is a very nice park area at mile marker 102, which has a big marina and four modern lanes. All of the boating facilities are inside the Coral Reef State Park. The Caribbean Drive Boat Ramp in the middle of the Key Largo marina is a sweet boat ramp and dockage area. Guests of the Marina del Mar get access or you need to make arrangements with the dockmaster.

Rey U.