Saving money on the hotel budget means planning ahead

Excitement is the Swimming Pool
You are at Disney World and only a free boat taxi away from the excitement of the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. go

Swimming Pool
Big pools make me happy and that's what you get at this wonderful resort. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
This is one of my favorite places to eat in the Epcot resort area. go

Drinks by the Pool
The poolside bar has food and huge cocktail alcohol drinks! go

Fine Stay
With the Downtown Disney just a five minute boat ride away, this is the place for a super nightlife. go

Swimming Pool
Take your pick of sports, swimming, games, and watertoys at this hotel. go

Shrimp Gumbo new Orleans Cafe
The Disney chef make a really good mahi fish with shrimp covered in a sauce. go

Orlando Area Value Resorts
Of course the pool is what we took advantage of whenever we had a few minutes of downtime. go


Information about the Resorts

Boat Through the Jungle
It is fun to be part of the five minute or less show. go

Check-In at Disney
The key to the entire process is to do everything you can ahead with the online disney website tools. go

Whoosh Down a Fast Ride
You start heading down and it takes a couple minutes or so to get all away to the splashdown pool about four stories below. go

Disney live entertainment schedule
We thought the Tiki Room is the best place to cool off on a hot summer day in Orlando. go

Wyland Galleries Art Shop
This is an area that is a hidden gem, and most visitors to the parks do not know it is here. go

The Best of Orlando Zoos
Our day at the park was so eventful, as everywhere you turn there is something cool to see, touch, and learn about. go

Freaked out on Astro Orbiter
Space Mountain is a fast one that we like, but not so good with small kids. go

Great Trip on this Vacation

We had a great trip on this vacation. Disney really has improved over the years and is way more valuable for your dollar. I remember when the Animal Kingdom Theme Park opened up years ago and it didn't have Nemo the Musical. There was no Art of Animation Resort, which is terrific. It was years before they had the All-Star Movies resort, which is my Favorite of All today. You might as well save some cash when you come into town, then you can afford to eat at the Brown Derby Restaurant inside Hollywood Studios. You know you have got to eat at nascar restaurant when you go over to City Walk, as the restaurants there are just terrific. We always come back because you have more fun when you stay in a city that is so upbeat. I like the vibe at the disney resorts, and a free travel shuttle services. If you get drinks or have Cocktails, you certainly want to leave your automobile sitting locked tightly in the hotel parking lot.

Mary U.

Booking Disney

Expense accounts rock for the Disney trips to Orlando! Big fan of them and the drive thru. I am lucky and have this job that I love and my boss really likes me so he is okay with my need to be based in Orlando, at least for now.

The travel to orlando airport is okay with me, I enjoy it most of the time. I am just tired this week. It could be the partying that goes along with this particular traveling. I did manage to get to the Melbourne Marriott Residence Inn hotel gym this morning and the horrid treadmill. Ugh, hate that thing. It hates me back, I'm fairly certain.

Cecil H.