Restaurants near Fort Lauderdale Beach

Beach Bars
It just takes about an hour to get the nice full-beach-buzz and keep dancing to the beat. go

Ocean View Restaurant
Prices are cheaper of course during lunch at most of the good restaurants, so it's a very budget friendly way to manage your day and still get your taste buds smiling. go

Coolest Places
Sitting outside is a lovely thing to do in a nice area. go

Seafood Soup
You can eat seafood or go with pizza and wings. go

Mexican Restaurant
You must know that the heat is indeed the source of the flavorful magic. go

Fort Lauderdale Chicken Wing Restaurant
If you want a little bit a salad and a little bit of chicken wings, go for the buffalo chicken salad that has that spicy chicken and it so you get a little bit of taste. go

Omelet Cafe
I guess you will be able to tell from my comments that I am going for the breakfast specials. go

Oriental Food
Oh my goodness did I hit a gold mine by searching on google for some oriental food in Fort Lauderdale beach. go


Good Restaurant Picks

Las Olas Fort Lauderdale
I would walk the extreme length of the Las Olas boulevard strip center before you figure out where you're going to eat and then turn around and make your decision on the way back once you've checked out every possible restaurant! go

Dinnerware Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
There's so much eye candy in the store and it's usually the light so the lamps, or the bedding. go

Broward County
There are so many things to see walking and sightseeing. go

Getting around the Area
There's a lot of bicycle trails to in the area, so make sure you do a search for those and enjoy the best of entertainment while you're getting your exercise in each day. go

Boatless Fishing
The people that work here are fantastic and will tell you what is the best way to catch fish. go

Las Olas Boulevard Hotel
Definitely I would recommend bringing your bicycles to this particular city venue, as you can do everything on your bicycles and leave the car in the parking lot. go

Beach Vacation Trips Specials
We continue to enjoy weekend getaways here as there is tons to do within walking distance of any of the downtown hotels. go

Local Restaurants

It is impossible to have a happy birthday when just coming down from the last day of a vacation trip! Coming home from a beach vacation is such a bummer. Boo-hoo it is today, but I still have food leftovers to eat!

Stefan G.

Good Restaurants

With its deep rich flavor we found it quality-best to spice up your chili. They have dried habanero chiles, habanero flakes and a habanero powder. I would not recommend this for fish as it does have a tendency to overpower fish. Habanero seasoning has been thoroughly tested and is an excellent spice blend. If you can't get enough habanero heat, forget it. Good for the heart is the salt free adobo seasoning. Super good is the southwest seasoning, habanero mango rub and adobo lime seasoning. Hand blended from ginger root, onion powder, allspice, thyme, and yellow mustard is this spice. Included at mix time is the habanero powder, garlic powder, clove, black pepper and sugar honey. You can always add a bit more after you cook. Who says that a salt free seasoning lacks flavor?

You will find a nice selection of other Mexican and southwestern flavors. If you are using habanero chili seasoning for the first time we recommend that you use a little less than a little more. I like the best selling manzanillo seasoning. This is not for the faint of heart. While the habanero does not overpower the blend it does add a bit of a kick. I like it on meat or as a dry rub for grilled or roasted chicken. This is a seasoning that we like better when it sits on the meat for five hours prior to cooking but not necessarily longer. What is good for those that love not only the heat of the habanero but its fruity, with citrus flavor and its flowery aroma. They carry a full collection of salt free seasonings.

Susanne T.