Pool Play is a Big deal at Orlando Hotels so pick a Beauty

Two Room Suite Rentals
The family picked this resort because of the pools, but a lot of golfers stay here. go

Exploring Disney Hotel Properties
The boat rides to Disney Springs are a real treat, especially at night with wine glass in hand! go

Lake Side Views
We plan the trips thinking about location. go

Better picks for Orlando Vacations
Give the hotel rating a top notch, your kids will freak out with happiness during your stay here. go

Grand Floridian Swimming Pool
Once I saw the big giant swimming pool, I knew we made a good choice. go

Top Hotel Pick for the Value
That might be a little too chilly to come up although it might be good for Dunedin, rather than the beach or Orlando at the All-Star Sports Resort. go

Upgrade to the Peabody
An exquisite hotel, with beautiful furnishings, fine dining, and excellent service. go

Pool is Simply Amazing
The pool is simply amazing, and one of the best I've seen anywhere around Orlando. go


Tasteful Rooms

Yummy on my Mind
It's pretty nice that you can get a coors light beer in the fourteen ounce draft size for three dollars. go

Movie Studios Show
All ages will get some nice surprises and education on the way! go

Burritos at Disney
The pico de gallo is a bit more lively than tomatoes, and the guacamole is always good with chips. go

Orlando Lamp Store
Everyone needs to stop at the Central Florida Ikea Marketplace off Conway Road Orlando. go

Best Place for Dinner
ANSWER: The land I love best for dining is Japan, where I had been there only for dinner and loved it. go

Racing the Cars
We most like the stuff that's fast although there are a few things that are slower that are still fantastic. go

Stage Dance is Extraordinary
Those are a couple of other things that you want to do while you're down here on Sunset Boulevard checking out the good things. go


Memory filled Hotels

Tasteful Rooms

Many times I would like to send a quick photo of the Hot Tub on disney vacation or whatever, or my new kitchen sink. It has been too much wasted time to move the photo, take the sdhc card out of the camera, and then try to find an open usb slot in on my pc, which I have no open slots. Crop it down and send it. This process has been too cumbersome. To the rescue. There is a new technology now, which I am investigating. It is called eyefi wireless sd cards and has an auto transfer feature. The little tiny sdhc cards that go in cameras has a wifi capablity built in, to move the disney photos from the camera to your pc without any copy and paste! More on this later.

Hubert U.