Picking between lots to do is your Orlando Homework

Best Ideas
They are called tumble monkeys, and do all sorts of neat things using trampolines to fly them into the air. go

Ideas for a Fantastic Night out in Orlando
This place is one-of-a-kind and a full liquor bar with beer, wine and frozen cocktails. go

Putt-Putt Mini Golf
It's a winding maze as you make your way through the enchanting game of putt golf. go

Memory Making
Don't forget to have your camera ready everywhere for the photo shooting locations. go

Splashable Pools
This is Florida where the anticipation of a nice warm day just makes you want to be outside and wet. go

Super Duper Disney Trip
You are going to want to focus on these key point zones at AKP: (1) Dinoland (2) Asia (3) Africa. go

Memory Making
Any age can get a Disney caricature drawing, as these are just so fun. go

Game Room
The kids are playing in the game room, adults can work off that meal in the nice zahanati fitness center. go


Out for the Day

Capture the trip on Video-Photos
Yes, you can have a hotel room that looks out over the Animal Roaming Range. go

Dancing with the Cast Members
Get ready to do the dance at the big thunder ranch jamboree in frontierland. go

Makes Me Laugh
The wizarding world of Harry Potter remains the hottest Theme Park attraction in the country. go

Blue Martini Tapas Bar
They have a big events here too, we enjoyed the musicals. go

Lots of Entertainment Choices
It would take a full month to do all of the main attractions and features in the area. go

Home Improvement
It seems like I end up needing those things most of all and the electrical department always comes through when I need something. go

Splendid Amusement Parks
Dolphins will dazzle you with their free-flowing form in a fabulous show all their own. go

Good City for Fun

Everybody must have more fun when they go to this town as there is More to Do. The area on the west side of town is the main tourist zone. It seems like there's more hotel deals here, probably because there's about a zillion hotels within a five mile radius. I would tell most people to go ahead and book at the Disney resort of their choice if they can find one with availability. In the summer you should have no problem getting a room style you need. The summers are better anyway because you have longer hours of daylight, and it Swimming Season to take advantage of the wonderful pools and all The Hotels have a Hot Tub. I like the way that Disney spreads out there hotels, the buildings are not smash right on top of each other like everything over there on International Drive. They did a good job with the theming, everything is gorgeous.

Fannie N.

Learning about the Area

A lot of people want to know what's the best deal with your pets when you come to Disney World Orlando. Should you bring your pet or maybe you shouldn't? Everybody has a different opinion on their pet and how important it is to bring them but you gotta realize this is a vacation destination where there's a lot of hustle and bustle and people in movement and you're supposed to be busy because there's so much to do.

If you are so busy enjoying this scene all day long why in the heck would you even want to bring a dog that can bark and you have to take out to walk. Come on people you have to realize this is Disney world Orlando, a place to have a good time and not deal with your pet, because they're basically a waste of time and everyone knows that!

Thank goodness there is Fort Wilderness where you can take your pet, small dogs and cats and whatever other Critters like Mickey Mouse that you can sneak in. I love it here this is wonderful and I just couldn't say enough Good Things about Orlando in general. It is a place to vacation and maximize the warmth and hospitality that is everything about this area. Yes Lion King kitty is better. He is eating and tomorrow I give him the appetite stimulant so he continues to eat. He needs to put two pounds on but he will do that quickly. He needs to get the thyroid medicine in his system, and he will do that now that he is eating. He is a little cranky sometimes before he preforms at Animal Kingdom Theme Park but for the most part he has improved a lot. Every day he gets more and more better. He will be ready for Expedition Everest ride soon, eat at the nettoscafe.com cafe, and kitty chase when you come up.

Kristi K.