It is all about Florida Beaches and Outdoor Parks

Beach Parking
I certainly want to get a big slice at bizzarro pizza during the weekend, as well as The Mansion sandwiches! go

Cocoa Beach Vacations
You can park right there by the beach and next to ron jons giant Surf Shop. go

Melbourne Beach
There is lots of beach shops in this zone, pizza, and plenty of Surfing the waves! go

Cruise Port Beach
Put this on your Cocoa Beach to do list, what a great place. go

Bring your Board
Great scenic trip review. go

Melbourne Beach
It was a little cloudy in the first day so I didn't take quite as many photos out on the beach that I would normally. go

Learning to Surf
You can actually go in and buy a surfboard twenty-four hours a day as the shop never closes. go

Beach Chairs
You will see it often where people have their towels down out on the shoreline and then the tide shifts and comes up and scoops away their towels and sunglasses. go


Gorgeous Beach

Candy Shop
That's why always like having a refrigerator in the hotel room so I can store the good treats and keep them fresh. go

Where to find the best waves in Cocoa Beach
Find it at Located on State Road A1A and 16th Street South. go

On the menu are all the different kinds of coffee drinks you could possibly ever imagine even the kind with whipped cream on top. go

Front Street Park
We went to quite a few different city parks and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. go

Get more out of NASA Park
Central Florida sure has a lot to offer the people that visit. go

Beach Shops
What a treat it is to browse around the incredible array of body boards, boogie boards, standup paddle boards, and the most beautiful surfboard you'll ever get to look at up close and touch. go

How are the Waves
One can only respect the ability of these tandem surfers, it is one of the more challenging ways to surf. go

There are some good Places

I was surprised how neat it is to go into these little Beach Shops that are spread out all over the area and also at port canaveral. That is pretty much the zone you will be Exploring during the trip, because you can make it from port canaveral all away through today far other end of Cocoa Beach on the bicycles. It's pretty need to go from end-to-end and it will take you a good hour or more depending on if you stop a few times a take a break or like to take photographs like we do. It is fun to be able to take your bicycle when you go out the restaurants. There are some good places to eat and I'll be glad to give you some of my votes. The Beer Bar of choice is nolan's irish pub - irish - 204 west Cocoa Beach causeway - 321-783-8499. For a family to get pancakes and eggs it is the Waffle House - waffles - 3665 north atlantic avenue - 321-868-0885. Fast food gets no quicker than the Wendy's - sandwiches, burgers, salads - 3015 north atlantic avenue - 321-784-4110. Buy ahead for late night snacks or with coffee the dunkin donuts - donuts - 5810 north atlantic avenue - 321-784-0426. Great for sports tv is beef o'brady - irish sandwiches - 5675 north atlantic avenue - 321-784-3834.

Jerry E.

Really Good Places

Come join the cool-play-fun at cafe, the ultimate one-stop shop for the preeminent nachos and more! La fiesta is really good. I love a Mexican style restaurant and the cantina offering the best atmosphere and good prices. Open for lunch, dinner and or take out seven days a week. The menu consists of authentic Mexican dishes with a modern twist and many sauces. The kitchen makes everything fresh to order and is very good. If you want, ask for gluten-free items or go classic. Drink different tequilas and bottled beers with your meal, plus the best margaritas to satisfy all your taste buds.

Yong R.