Our kids just went crazy with big smiles all day long

On the Canoe Trails
We had a first floor corner room in the barbados section that was very clean and well located. go

Boat Ride
They operate similar to the free bus transportation, and run at about 10-15 minute intervals. go

Disney World Campground Park
We watch the fireworks show each night from the big Disney lake. go

Lake Buena Vista Football Complex
It's a dream come true for any child to be involved in one of these special events at the Wide World of Sports Complex. go

Riverside Food Court
The Port Orleans Riverside food court is open at six am and stays open until midnight, and that's pretty darn good. go

The summer fun is always in full swing, this is one of the best places to call home on an Orlando Area Vacation. go

Which Disney Hotel
The sail boats are fun to take out. go

December at Disney
Everything is just so joyful and all ages will adore the special acts and activities that are unique to this time of year. go


Park Hopper

Resorts with a Swimming Focus
A lot of people have told us that even if they have a swimming pool behind their house, it doesn't compare. go

Five Nights
The best part is when you check in to the room. go

What a fine Hotel it Is
You get that here in heavy doses! go

The Disney World Wedding Chapel
It is a winner, and for so many sentimental reasons. go

Hotels at Disney
I am sure just about everybody is impressed with the way it looks and the giant swimming pool which sits right in the middle of it all. go

Which Rate to Pay at Disney
It would be wise for the folks at Disney World to build many more of their value resort line of hotels. go

Mid Level
Or enjoy in-room dining, where your accommodations are tastefully decorated with regional artwork and named after elements of the hotel's unique theme. go

It was very Special

I wanted to do a nice little review on the ride called Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom Park. We had heard Good Things about this ride and wanted to try it out for the first time ourselves. It was the whole family of four people, and it was Very Special to find out that four people actually fit in one of the rockets. We did this the first thing in the morning with the Fast Pass, we could experience this all together and go fast into space. The whole thing is well put together and they really done something special by adding some kind of interactive training area before hand to get you ready to be an astronaut. I am not sure how long the ride actually lasts, I should have read my watch before we started Going Up in the beginning of the ride. It is pretty dark inside the periodically you can see things flying past you, which are other cars and stars. Give this a top rating, and Good for all Ages that can handle a dark roller coaster ride.

Brain U.

Things Going On

We are looking forward to December a lot because of the things going on at Universal Studios and the Disney Theme Parks. I'm pretty pumped up for everything and it doesn't matter where we go. Some people have a big preference over which Theme Park you have to do in the morning or which Theme Park is best in the evening. I just show up for the any of the events or festivities. They sure do make a big deal about Harry Potter and we like it, but even the free stuff around the Disney Springs Is Fantastic Makes Me Smile.

I certainly don't want to stay in long lines so we more go for the overall enjoyment rather than trying to maximize getting on every single thing even though Expedition Everest is a must do every time. This last time we stayed up in north Orlando extendedstayamerica.com which is okay and not bad but next time were going to go for All-Star Movies resort and be close and more fun.

Marvin U.