Orlando Getaways Keep all Ages busy with Adventure Options

Loaded with Activities for the Children
Everyone will be a lot more happy with a big pool decision. go

Photo Opportunities
There are photo taking kiosks at the Norway and Italy pavilions, as well as the international gateway between the UK and France pavilions. go

Lover of the Animals
I think every person that has a dog or cat will really get into the rides, shows, and close up encounters with the wild! go

Lake Buena Vista Movie Theater
The property is absolutely gorgeous and it's a restaurant. go

Big Smiles for the Photos
(4) Wear a big hat, as the sun can pound you in Orlando. go

Good Places to enjoy Orlando Outdoors
Do not miss going to see rock springs the natural free flowing spring of Orlando. go

Watercraft Rentals
Outstanding it is to get out and enjoy some of the Watercraft Rentals, which are fun and great for all ages. go

Dancing on the Ceiling
The world of high-tech has hit Orlando's International Drive. go


Itinerary Setter

Fresh Mozzarella made every Two Hours
International Drive is a fantastic area close to the Disney Theme Parks that is loaded down with restaurant opportunities. go

Dalmatians Courtyard
Their are plenty of elevators in each building, so getting a room up with a view is worth asking for. go

Shopping spot at I-Drive Orlando
There are some really good places for Shopping in Orlando, perfect on a hot summer day to stay cool inside. go

Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop
Get something special to eat with the family at Disney Springs! go

Fast Food Winner
I love the muffaletta: meat and olive spread on toasted italian sandwich bread. go

Live Music Tonight
It's good to be a regular, as they will send you coupons. go

Food and Shop
Thank goodness the sun is going to be shining bright and strong. go

Chasing the Tourist Dollar

Orlando is an excellent town, we actually didn't realize how large it is in comparison to places like Sarasota. It takes a good forty five minutes just to drive all the way through it from interstate four from the Disney area all away up through downtown and past the outlying neighborhoods. I think the best area to stay is down in Lake Buena Vista, which is on the Tampa side of Orlando. This is where Disney is located and the amount of hotels chasing the tourist dollar is unbelievable. It is great to get those super value discounts for the attractions, hotels, and even the restaurants have deals every day. One of the first things you should do when you get into the city is get those little tourist magazines. Where ever you are planning on going, cutout the discount. The deals rotate all the time from SeaWorld, Epcot Theme Park, Blizzard Beach, and all the rest. Discounts are the way to take advantage of a vacation and keep some money in your wallet!

Jordan D.

Good Things

Yes Florida Travel Commander, that sounds great on Pop Century on a budget. We can have bk.com Hamburgers on Thursday since most places will be closed. We have been pretty much blown away with how Good Things are at the Burger King because we studied the full menu and nutrition chart. When you go to their website you can get to one of their pdf documents that is all about the nutritional information on everything that You can Buy at the store.

A couple things that stood out is very impressive to me was the fact that you can get a basic hamburger flame broiled and it's only 230 calories. The bacon cheeseburger is only 290 calories and those are good. I think one of these bacon cheeseburgers and iced tea with artificial sweetener will be a good lunch and keep us going without spending a bunch a cash at one of the Theme Park restaurants.

Citywalk has a lot of Good Places so we are can have fun when we go there as well. Saving some money on the hotel and the restaurants is always a good thing. I am making a Spaghetti dinner for tomorrow night. I am using the same recipe we got when dining at the gittospizza.com restaurant.

Whitney D.