One Tank Disney World Trips

The Best Disney Swimming Hole
When my two children were toddlers, I have to say that Blizzard Beach was our favorite Disney water park because of focus on youngsters. go

Hollywood Studios Trip Review
What a great blend of fun and intrigue, perfect for all ages. go

Dancing with the Cast Members
Everyday is a fun stomping ground during your magical day at Magic Kingdom park. go

Daily Events
Have you seen the hidden mickey at Hollywood Studios that is on the parade route? go

The Crowds
Disney did a great job with the build up of the tower of terror. go

For all Ages
Perfect for families staying at the Swan Resort, as you can walk over. go

Street Concert Dance Show
The Disney costumes are always so colorful and these guys wear sneakers so they can really dance good. go

Disney meets Samantha Brown
Plus, for nightlife you are in a five mile zone that is filled with big-city fun! go


More Things to Do

Get into Swimming Fun
Your whole family gets to have fun at this pool, it is not just for kids. go

Events at the Swimming Pool
Go with the villas if you are going to stay for more than about three or four nights, and it will save you lots of money on food. go

Staying for Cheap
We always keep in the luggage plastic forks spoons and knives and paper plates. go

Boating River Disney Hotel
Staying along a busy boating river makes it very special with the free boat taxi rides. go

Disney Hotel for Boardwalk Nightlife
Do plan on a lot of swimming in the pool, they have a really big-giant swimming pool that will take over your off time. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
My son brought his Sector 9 Longboard and had a lot of fun cruising the resort sidewalks. go

Best Hotel Location at Disney World
You pay a little more to stay at a fancy place that is walking distance from the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. go

Good picks to do this Weekend

SeaWorld Adventure Park was A Good Day thing to do. Get ready for up close encounters with the zany Critters of the sea, touch and feed dolphins, encounter a killer whale, and even get up close to some monster sized polar bears. These animal encounters are just part of the adventures at Seaworld Orlando. We recommend it.

Antwan U.

How much Fun to Have

I think sometimes you need to just take a moment and chill. Enjoy yourself and not worry about long lines. Do what you can to reduce the wait, whether it be a time where you play a silly game or talk about how Much Fun you're having. I know a lot of people get caught up in the Fastpass and waiting in line is horrible. Often those can be goofy moments with your family getting up for the ride. Some of my fondest memories were waiting in line at Disney with a smoothie in hand.

Margo Z.