Oh you just can't beat the accommodations here

All sorts of Water Toys
I also like a piano in the lobby. go

Disney Dining Plan
Here we are trying to figure out what we wanted to do next after eating a fantastic meal in the All-Star Sports food court. go

Swimming Pool
This is the type a place that is great for everybody but not as lively and kid focused as some of the Disney Resorts such as Art of Animation Resort. go

Entertainment District Hotel
This hotel is very close to all the Orlando Theme Parks. go

Perfect with Kids
It's fun, friendly, enchanting, enlightening, and so much more. go

Excellent Cancellation Policy
None of that non-refundable crap, Marriott has it going on for situations that you have to cancel. go

Exploring Disney Hotel Properties
You can't go wrong with the french quarter, especially with no dui driving to nightlife. go

Lake Side Views
One of the best things about the Bay Lake Tower are the lake side views. go


Weekly Travel Spotlight

Food and Shop
Even Orlando gets cold in the winter, mainly at night. go

Cheap sandwiches makes us smile
She said they sell Fro-Yo which is Ben north Jerry's Frozen Yogurt. go

Quench your Thirst
Key to the fun here is the music and the really good music band groups that they have performing. go

Business Conference Resort
Being able to walk to two parks, and the ferry boats are very convenient! go

Playing Soccer at Disney World
All of my child's dreams came true, we got him so much ESPN Gear and Sportswear. go

The Action Zone
The kitchen is open from lunch to late-night, eleven am to two pm. go

Kids love This
What a hoot is the show. go


The Rooms

Weekly Travel Spotlight

All of the all-star movie resorts are getting remodeled bathrooms. I got that sink up on top, just have to get the outflow fixed up tomorrow. You are going to like the modern look. It was a wise person that said to go with a white composite sink, white faucet, white soap dispenser, and white sink drains. It is sharp. I will bring a photo down to show you. Only a few of the rooms have the upgrade so far. The staff keeps improving the rooms all the time.

Myles V.